Always Panalo with Puregold's “Sige Ikembot Mo, Mommy!” Promo

Moms do A LOT of stuff every single day.

From changing diapers and wiping the dirt on your newborn’s face to helping you understand what adulting actually is, moms are usually busy making your day the best day ever.

This Mother’s Day, give her something more unforgettable than the usual gift. Please. It may be an extraordinary kind of gift or a bouquet of edible flowers, but how about giving to her a day she’ll remember? Show your mom how much you care by making her the star of a dance video with her idol Ate Vi, with a chance to win something a little extra (up to P5,000 worth of gift certificates from Puregold!) on her special day.

Here’s a video of the perfect Mother’s Day surprise, especially if she’s a certified VILMAnian (like my mom) who loves dancing and grocery shopping at Puregold! Actually, there are so many Mother’s Day tributes out there but this one stood out from the rest. Ibang level! Not just because of Lucky’s ‘amazing’ dancing skills though, but because of ALL THE FEELS. In this video, you’ll laugh, you'll cry, but mostly, you'll be amazed at how Lucky pulled off the greatest early Mother's Day surprise for his Momski. I don’t know who, what or why some person (a genius, really!) decided to make this video but it’s amazing! Press play and watch till the end.

Combining grocery shopping and dancing, which are two of Ate Vi’s favorite things to do, we’ll see that even simple things can make mothers happy.  Seriously, besh! Is there a more perfect (or competitive) way to honor moms across the country than this? Surely, there isn't. Whether your mom is a solid Vilmanian who likes dancing or not, you can make her super happy by making your way through these super easy steps!

Here’s how to join the “Sige Ikembot Mo, Mommy!” Promo:

1. Sign up at

2. Upload a photo of your mom and make her the star of a dance video with her idol, Ate Vi!

3. You can share it on Facebook para mas bongga!

20 winners of up to P5,000 worth of Puregold gift certificates will be randomly selected nationwide. Announcement of winners will be on June 8, 2018 at Puregold’s Facebook Page.

Indeed, every mother deserves a little extra this Mother's Day, like making her the “sikat na nanay” or  star for a day. So what are you waiting for, mga momshies! Kembot na to the nearest Puregold branch and follow the dance steps by Lucky at Ate Vi! Also, don’t forget to like and share the video on Facebook and Instagram.

For more deets, like Puregold’s Facebook Page at . Follow on them on Instagram Don’t miss out on great deals, visit Puregold’s website at

Happy Mother’s Day to the all beautiful mommies out there, especially to my mom, and I thank you for being the super dancing mom you are!

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