The New and Improved Pampers Baby-Dry Pants Review + Pampers Go Galaw Contest

When I got invited to participate in a fun campaign of a brand that we really use and love, I was super thrilled and kind of did a happy dance. Seriously, it's the best solution to my diaper woes. You know, that moment when your baby is running with a lawlaw or saggy diaper because of unexpected marathon poo and pee session, and the occasional poop party in your baby's crib. I’m just going to be very honest here and say that there's nothing I dislike more than seeing my baby uncomfortable in a lawlaw diaper because all the pee in one single spot. Finding the right diaper for my baby has been one of the biggest challenges for me  BUT it was a challenge that I was up for.

I'm one of those OC moms who devote themselves to nitpicking different products for their babies. And yes, I'm also one of those moms in the diaper aisle staring at a dozen different kinds of diapers trying to make life-impacting decisions for my 21-month-old baby boy.

Sometimes (aka 99% of the time), moms like to do some research and some "experiments" on what's the best product to use. That is how us, moms, know everything. We know everything and whatever we don't know, we will find out. This leads me to an article about why it's important to avoid lawlaw diapers! (

I learned that lawlaw diapers affect a baby's mobility. Babies need to move with ease while they’re still developing their motor skills. When diapers are unable to properly absorb and distribute wetness, the extra weight sags between a child’s legs and makes it more difficult for them to walk. More than the discomfort, wetness and leaks, a lawlaw diaper also means more frequent diaper changes.

That is why Pampers introduced a new and improved Pampers Baby-Dry which promises less lawlaw diaper and more go galaw mornings for our little ones. And what better way to describe this than through the new Pampers Go Galaw song.  It’s super catchy as it highlights how babies can go galaw in a less lawlaw diaper.  It was celebrity mom Toni Gonzaga and her little Seve who taught us the cute dance steps.

At the launch, Toni emphasized the importance of finding the diaper that works well with your baby.  She doesn’t want her Seve to be uncomfortable doing the things he wants to do just because of a saggy diaper.

 In a demo to check how the new Pampers Baby-Dry stack up to other brand of disposables in terms of absorbency, we got the chance to try the "Lawlaw Test" . The diapers were fully submerged in water and soaked for like 10 minutes, and we were able to see how its Magic Gel Channels absorb and distribute wetness evenly throughout the diaper so babies can go galaw freely!

The upgraded Pampers Baby Dry with Magic Gel Channels is comparable to other brands in terms of how well they absorb wetness.  It is 3x drier and evenly absorbs wetness so your baby can go galaw in a less lawlaw diaper. Also, Toni and baby Seve also revealed their Go Galaw Music video and taught us a series of steps highlighting the freedom that the new diaper design provides!

Of course, I did what any mommy blogger would do... tried it on my little Yuan to experiment with the new diapers and guess what?? We did our version of Go Galaw Dance too! To those of you who follow my Instagram and Youtube page, you’ve probably already watched our video. If not, feel free to watch it HERE.

I was so impressed, I immediately tried it on my baby Yuan. My son is currently 21 months old with approximate weight of 15kg and he is now wearing XL size. He is now at a running like crazy stage and it was our first time trying the new Pampers Baby-Dry. I love how soft and absorbent it is!  He wore it from 10pm to 9am, offered no complaints, and showed no signs of rash, and yes, it's a full 12-hour sleep. Yay!

Absorbency: Amazeballs! That means a LOT of uninterrupted sleep and more GO Galaw mornings. I love its ultra-absorbent core with its dry and breathable outer sheets. So soft, it doesn't create much friction while he runs and moves freely. It absorbs quickly even with my super active baby moving around.

It’s a great combination of functionality, softness, and an incredible amount of absorbency. Plus, I need not worry about having to change diapers all the time or feel anxious that my baby will get messy leakage or diaper rash.

So this is his soiled diaper after 11 hours... Not saggy at all!

Like the previous Pampers Baby-Dry pants that we used, the pads are soft, smooth and thanks to the stretchiness, my son seems very much at ease walking around wearing them.

Design:  It looks pretty much the same with the previous one. What makes it different though is that it has 3 magic gel channels. I think that's the reason why the wetness doesn't collect in one place. It doesn't sag, and still dry even after 12 hours, which helps my baby sleep undisturbed all night. I love the flexible waistband and easy-tear sides; it's easy to pull up and down, and we don't have a hard time putting it on. The diaper doesn't feel heavy and makes my baby comfortable even after one or two pees, or when my baby is playing, dancing and running around.

 Packaging: The packaging is very similar to the previous Pampers packaging. At first, I got really curious with the label written on top, "magic gel channels" and that it is thin and dry. They are convenient to pack and travel with as they are very thin and compact. It's also easier to dispose it by simply rolling it up and throw it away after use. Just roll and throw, or sometimes "shoot" straight to the bin.

Price and Availability: It's available in supermarkets nationwide and you can also buy it from Lazada!

As a mom, I learned along the way that choosing high-quality diapers was so important for my baby’s welfare and makes my job a lot easier. That is why I believe moms need to invest in high-quality diapers which prevent bulk and sag. Though they may come with higher price tags, you can actually save money because you can spend less and you won’t have to change them as often.

Lastly, finding a diaper that both doesn’t sag and takes care of our baby's delicate skin can be a big challenge for us moms, but in my little experiment, I'm happy to report that the new Pampers Baby-Dry did not disappoint! That said, if this were Diapers Got Talent and I was a judge, this diaper would get a big, fat YES! It’s so, so good! If you’ve got a heavy wetter and you’ve tried everything to no avail, I’m certain that this diaper won’t let you down. It’s that good.

Speaking of talent, I'm sure your baby loves to dance so why don't you give your little one the freedom to move around and dance to his/her heart’s desire, like all babies should.  If you're a Filipina mom with a baby 3 years old or younger, join the Pampers Go Galaw contest and create your own version of the #PampersGoGalaw dance for a chance to win P100,000 in cash! Check out the video at

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