Urban Street Market Hiphop Dance Showdown at SM North Edsa

My usual Sunday shopping at SM North Edsa got extra lit with a dance battle between LGAC and TPM (Team Package Makers) at the Urban Street Market. They were so pumped up and excited to show off their coolest hip-hop dance moves in an amazing showdown! They hyped up the dance floor and they absolutely killed it!

This is something I wouldn't miss because I love hiphop dance! Yep, I'm turning 37 soon and have two kids, but I'm not ashamed to say that because anyone can be a dancer! (Hey! That means you too!) Whether you dig hiphop or not, there's a groove for every person! And when you find your own groove, Boom! It'll get easier to drop it like it's hot wherevs!

Now, these two mean business. Serious business? Monkey business? Just for fun sort of business? Unclear. What is clear is that they took hiphop dancin' to 'nother level!

In the little dance-off, both LGAC and TPM took turns dancing while creating moves based on whatever they landed on. The result of the dance showdown was amazing, and definitive proof that these groups need to be watched and recognized more because they are ridiculously good. Need proof? Watch the video on my YouTube channel here.

But wait, there's more...

Awesome prizes like Power Banks, VR Boxes and an Android Phone were given away for 5 random Northern Shoppers! They danced and hit the stage showing off their dope dance moves... all while I was stuck dancing with my super clingy baby boy. Would love to join though! Really. A missed opportunity, but there's always next time! :)

We also enjoyed the hiphop mixes from the best DJs of The Beat Project Manila and Sikat Entertainment while checking out our favorite street fashion brands and shopping for the most lit finds at the 4F Annex Cyberzone Event Area! Indeed, SM North Edsa is the best place to experience Street Fashion, Music and The Arts all in one event.

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Rock on! \m/

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