Omron CompAir Compressor Nebulizer NE-C801 Review

I have previously written about the benefits of using a nebulizer, a lifesaver and a must-have medical equipment at home or on the go. That is simply because of the ease and convenience of using a nebulizer safely at home, practically remove the need to visit the hospital for nebulization every single time! Click here to read more about it.

I've used nebulizers for years, the first ones we had were all bulky, noisy and they were anything but portable. Happy to report that after spending nearly a year searching for the best nebulizer for my kids, I've finally found one! Yay!

I recently got my hands on the new Omron's CompAir Nebulizer NE-C801. It is quite affordable  compared to other portable nebulizers at SRP Php 3,280.00. It is the smallest, lightest, most convenient tabletop nebulizer ever. The CompAir nebulizer system offers an affordable and efficient alternative for patients experiencing asthma, COPD or other respiratory conditions.

The kit comes in a black case or storage bag, with 2 face masks (1 adult and 1 child), 5 - Air filters, A/C Adapter, 100cm long Air tube,  mouthpiece and of course, there is also a multi-lingual instruction manual where you will learn how to operate and care for the machine.


 My first impressions are that this is an excellent little nebulizer with the added bonus that it is produced by a company with the name of a trusted brand, Omron.  I will start this review by sharing a few of my personal thoughts on this and a little bit of advice. Here, let me tell you some of the reasons why this product is worth buying:
  •  Super easy to assemble and use, with one button operation.  One touch operation means medication delivery is fast and easy.
  • Portable, compact and lightweight, so it’s very easy to carry.  Unlike the heavy and bulky ones I've tried before, this unit is unbelievably light! It weighs less than 3 oz., and 3.5 times lighter than most other compressor nebulizers.  When therapy is finished, it is small enough to be tucked away in a cabinet or drawer.
  • It uses Virtual Valve Technology that allows exhalation through the mouthpiece where the user can synchronize breathing with nebulization hence reducing waste of medicine without the danger of using silicon valves.
  • It’s sturdy and built to last for years! 
  • Runs quietly. It is surprisingly and virtually quiet at 46dB, similar to the noise level of refrigerator.
  •   Pediatric and adult use. The mask fits perfectly too.
  •  Perfect for travels
  • More affordable compared to other brands

TIP: Like all compressors, this product requires that you regularly clean after using it and to replace the air filter to ensure your unit will run at peak performance for years! Also, remember that the nebulizer might one day be needed to save your child's life, so buy one from a reputable and trusted dealer. That being said, do not buy cheap unbranded models from China or else...

As I have written previously, I can’t recommend Omron CompAir Nebulizer highly enough (and nope, this is not a paid post) plus they offer superb after-sales service too. Even though it is small, it is a fully effective nebulizer that does its job reliably.  It's really one of the best portable nebulizers on the market today.  So, if you want the reliability that comes with the name of a huge brand like Omron with the durability and portability of a powerful compressor, go ahead and try this!

For moms out there who are looking for a portable nebulizer, check this out and enjoy Omron's best deals! It's available on Watsons and other independent drugstore.  For more information, please visit For updates on the latest activities, promotions, connect via

Happy Monday!

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  3. Trusted brand ko talaga ang Omron in comes of medical equipment.I had also an Omron Nebulizer coz my 2nd son is asthmatic. Thanks God at nawala na ito nung naging 3 yrs.old na sya.Kahit may kamahalan compare to other brand, pero pangmatagalan naman.��

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  5. One of the best brand when it comes to nebulizer, Nagiipon pa ako para makabili ng ganito, ngayon kasi Cardinal Indoplas ang gamit naming dalawa ng anak ko, sana mag sale din si Omron. Thanks Rockstarmomma for this info. Love this topic.

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