Five Reasons Why Our Family Loves Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk

Full disclosure: I'm addicted to coffee but I try not to drink it every day because of acid reflux. Ugh. That's a bummer, besh. 😣 Good thing I discovered the chocolicious goodness of Jolly Cow Chocolate milk. Now, I freely admit I’m really lucky to find this new discovery, an energy booster for my kids and stress reliever for me and my hubby! 😆

My kids love it so much that they don't want to share. They even give me that fierce look when I'm trying to get one from the fridge. Seryoso, ubos agad yung isang box in 3 days! It's a super yummy alternative to being grumpy every morning because I can't drink coffee. Lol So I thought I’d take a moment to actually thank Jolly Cow Choco milk drink for saving me from my caffeine addiction.

Thank you, Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk, for being tasty, frothy and just plain delicious when you're cold (best when chilled) Just realized you’re not just my new coping mechanism and I may possibly have a mild addiction to you. 😘 😍

I've tried different brands of chocolate drinks before but I'm switching to this one because I just love the taste and it is so addictive. If you're having a stressful day, it’s a tasty treat that’ll give you a big boost for just 172 calories. Just take a sip and watch your worries melt away as you bliss out.

Here are some of the reasons why our family loves Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk:

1. It's a healthier alternative to regular Chocolate drink for the sweet-toothed. Jolly Cow milk only comes from “happy cows” that were raised and bred in cow friendly farms in Europe. It only uses 100 percent Pure Cow’s Milk, Cocoa, a little bit of sugar, and no vegetable fat added, making it an irresistible source of the kids' daily calcium and a source of energy.

It is totally healthy, chocolicious and gives you the creamy taste of fresh milk and chocolatey taste of pure cocoa. If you pour it in a glass, there are tiny chocolate particles at the bottom and trust me, it's super yummy and that is why I convinced myself that there is no shame in licking that part.

2. If you haven't tried it yet, this is a new discovery that even the whole family will love. From daddy to mommy, ate to bunso, it is no surprise that both kids and young at hearts love it! My kids described their first sip as ‘super chocolatey’, and ‘super yummy’. Oh, and it is best enjoyed chilled.

3. Perfect pair for your favorite snacks or  your kids' baon! It helps them to be energized in the morning. FYI, milk with energy and carbohydrates support mental functioning and alertness.

4. It is a delicious ingredient for baking! Yep. You can make a Chocolate Bread Pudding for your little ones, check the recipe here.  You can add Chocolate Milk in your child’s breakfast like pancakes and I'm pretty sure you'll discover a big difference that will make your kids finish their baon.

5.  It's also a very good ingredient to liven up milkshakes and smoothies to add a more creamylicious taste. It will make your smoothie creamy, frothy, chocolatey and just plain delicious. You can feel its smooth texture with its cloying sweetness and creamy thickness from your lips to your tongue up to your throat. Yum!

Conveniently available nationwide in one liter and 200 ml sizes, Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk is definitely a yummy, delicious and healthy chocolate milk drink you'll surely love! This is the perfect milk for my family, and I'm sure your fam bam will love it too!

So go out and buy a box of Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk. Now find your kids. No, seriously. Take your time. Try it. You're welcome.


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