Five Reasons Why My Family Loves Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered

You know how Globe Streamwatch is not only our family's favorite streaming device, but also a glorious vault of bottomless Netflix and Disney content? Yeah, well, today's slice of "Everything Is Awesome" news comes to you courtesy of Globe.

Globe At Home is giving Filipinos even more ways to enjoy the latest in entertainment with the launch of its Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered™ device. It's the first Roku powered streaming stick in the Philippines, which lets users watch a variety of content across 100+ free channels in different categories including sports, lifestyle, travel and more. That being said, it's really one of the best gifts to give this Christmas!

So, what is Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered?

It is a portable streaming stick, which allows consumers to use it on different TVs in your home, in a friend's home or even at a hotel. 

Globe VP for Content Portfolio Jil Go, Globe at Home VP for Marketing Barbie Dapul, Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu and Roku APAC Advisor Brandon Amber.

Streaming has revolutionized the way people consume TV series and movies. Today, primetime is whenever people want to watch content. Through our collaboration with Roku and the launch of Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered™, our customers can now watch 1M+ of videos, movies and tv shows from our global partners like YouTube, Disney Channel Apps, HOOQ and Netflix. Easy to use and activate, Globe StreamwatchRoku Powered™ gives you access to a wealth of entertainment at home even without a cable connection,” says Globe At Home Senior Vice President, Martha Sazon.

 Our family regularly watches Disney and Netflix, and today, I'm sharing why we ditched cable TV for Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered Device, and some of the obvious reasons why we love it.

  • It has something for everyone! It lets users watch a variety of content across 100+ free channels in different categories including sports, lifestyle, travel and more. 
I mean, this makes sense! Every member of the family wants their own piece of heaven, Netflix for adults and Disney for kids! It has an insanely huge content, including classic faves and Marvel movies. Not every Disney movie is currently available on Netflix though, so yep, we're definitely getting the best of both worlds! Yay!

It comes with a simple remote control with dedicated buttons for Netflix, Disney Channel Apps, YouTube, and HOOQ. From the channel store,users can choose from an additional 100 streaming channels to add to their personalized home screen. 
  •   My kids can watch like a boss as it provides family-friendly entertainment for the little ones. 
 There's even a safer watching experience for kids than a traditional TV or phones. There's Disney and cartoons on Netflix which also means, the kids are settled... and that's what a peace and quiet house sounds like. That, my friend, is huge to parents like me. LOL

  • There are no commercials!
We love the interruptions brought on by commercial breaks. Said no one ever. The worst stuff about it was it's either obnoxious or something we don’t want our kids to see and hear. Not to mention all the junk food commercials and adult TV shows that can be inappropriate for kids.

So just imagine your ideal Netflix-and-chill binge-watching experience...

 You’re lying down comfortably on a pile of cushions. A tub of popcorn or bowl of fries separates bae and you. And likely, in this peak or climax of the movie, there are exactly zero commercials. Perf.

  • It is super easy to use and activate. 
You can set it up in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Plug the device to your TV's HDMI input.
Step 2: Connect to your Globe Wi-Fi.
Step 3: Activate your device by following the instructions shown on your TV screen.
Step 4: Activate your content by visiting
Step 5: Enjoy and start streaming.

You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere, any time you want. You can use it on different TVs in your home, in a friend's home or even at a hotel.  You can also download the Streamwatch app for free on Google Playstore and App Store to convert your mobile phones to a remote.
  • It is affordable.
The Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered™ device is exclusively available through Globe At Home broadband plans 1299 and up for an introductory offer of  an additional P50 for 24 months or a one-time payment of P999. The plans also comes with three-month access to top streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Channel Apps, and HOOQ.

Globe Streamwatch can be best enjoyed with a Globe At Home plan. To know more and order the new Globe Streamwatch, visit

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