Cecon, Supermoms' Armor of Protection | Cecon Supermoms Event

When you become a mom, you cease to be an ordinary woman and become a supermom. However, being a "Supermom" is not always so easy!

I'm a multitasking supermom whose powers range from turning into a yaya, nurse, wife, mom and teacher in the blink of an eye! Mostly, I’ve learned new ways to multitask. Today, I’m kind of amazed at the number of things I can accomplish while working on some articles with my one-year-old baby sitting on my lap. Some days, I do not have time or energy to fix my hair, do my make up or even shower. Seriously, making it out of the bed after a rough and sleepless night can be a victory.

That is why supermoms need  to take their armor of protection everyday to spread her powers even more. It is important for moms to take care of their health too. That being said, eating a balanced diet, exercise and taking Cecon daily gives moms extra energy to strengthen their body and immune system.

Also, supermoms deserve some "Me time" and this, my friend, is just one of the things I've learned from two lovely supermoms at the Cecon Supermoms Event that was held at Cafe Del Mar in Venice Grand Canal Mall.

Kristel Urbanski, a mompreneur and founder of Glebe House Manila, shared some tips on how to cope up with the challenges of motherhood. She also shared the importance of having some “Me Time” and other tips on how to be a multitasking mama.

Kat Maderazo, the woman behind Bento by Kat, shared some tips on how to make snack time fun and healthy for the family. I love how she inspires other moms like me to start making better choices and decisions about what nutrition goes in their kids' body.

She shared her amazing bento creations and taught us how to prepare healthier snacks for our kids to save time, money, and sanity vs searching for the answer to the never ending question “Mom, what’s for snacks?”.

If you can do 2 or 3 things at the same time, then you are a multitasking Supermom! Now for heaven’s sake, take a break and don't forget to take your armor of protection. Take Cecon daily.

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