Review: Meer Cafe in Tagaytay

I recently popped by Meer Cafe to try their yummy dishes. Adding to the diverse range of cafes and restaurants in Tagaytay, it's a chic and dainty cafe along Aguinaldo Highway, and I'm sure you'll love the price and quality of  their dishes too. Frankly, it’s a lovely cafe and I only wish it was closer to Quezon City (although you’d definitely miss out on the stunning Taal volcano view).

I was able to fully appreciate the shabby chic decor: lovely stripes on the walls in a shade of pink juxtaposed with floral chairs, chandeliers and hanging silver lights framing the windows with a view of the street buzz outside.

A first glance of the menu reveals a tempting selection which includes Crispy Pata, Baby Back Ribs, Meer Burger, Pasta Meer, Pancit, and a variety of colorful Instagram-worthy drinks. These are some of the dishes I'd recommend you make a special trip for:

Let's start with the Crispy Pata. Um, I enjoyed every single bite. Really. The contrast of the shatteringly crisp skin with the tender and juicy meat is simply divine, creating a flavor bomb that I’ll definitely be returning to eat again. Seriously though, it's the bomb! And it's only P325 per order! Super affordable, bes!

Such an indulgence would be too much for one person though, and this is the kind of dish that’s best shared with either your date or a group of friends, along with some pasta, salad and, yes, some of those lovely tomatoes.

Actually, you'll be surprised at how delicious and affordable their offerings are! Even the appetizers, pasta  dishes, sandwiches, and salads cost below a hundred pesos.

Buffalo Chicken Wings - Php 85.00
Chicken with Mango Salad - Php 90.00

Hot & Spicy Sizzling Tofu - Php 65.00
Clubhouse Sandwich - Php 75.00

Baby Back Ribs - Php 175.00

Budha's Delight - Php85.00

MEER Burger - Php 85.00
Chewy Brownies Php60.00
 For dessert, we’re treated to chewy brownies with dark chocolate ganache topped with vanilla ice cream on a sizzling plate, followed by the refreshing and colorful drinks. Make sure you try the super yummy New York cheesecake too!

Strawberry & Creme Frappucino - Php 65.00
Cucumber, Blue, Pink Lychee, Strawberry and Red Tea Lemonade - Php 60.00

I was absolutely blown away by a plate of Crispy Pata! Given the excellence of the pastries and tasty dishes I've tried at Meer Cafe, I'm already excited to return to try its other offerings. Factoring in price and ambience, it seems to fall somewhere under the most accessible and affordable cafes in Tagaytay, serving top-notch comfort food with a hint of creativity. So, next time you visit Tagaytay, check out Meer Cafe and grab a seat if you can!

Opening Hours: 9am–9pm
Recommended Dishes: Crispy Pata, Baby Back Ribs, Chewy Brownies, New York Cheesecake
Price: Affordable, Lunch/Snack/Dinner ranging from Php 75-Php235 per person
Service: Excellent

Meer Cafe
Maharlika East, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City, Philippines
Contact No.: +63 925 389 2888
Find out more awesomeness on their Facebook page:

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