Taking Selfies and Living It Up with OPPO F3 Red and my Fluffy Friend, Fur Real

There are so many reasons why I love dogs. One of them is because of their unquestioning love and loyalty, as well as their ability to touch our lives in the most miraculous of ways. That is why I'm sharing one of my most memorable moments with my pet. Because, what's not to love about a whole post dedicated to my beloved dog!?

So, meet my fluffy friend-chie, Humphry.

Humphry is a French Bulldog. He likes belly rubs, cuddling humans and taking naps; hates being dressed up in a Santa costume. Aside from being a one-time model, Humphry is such a blessing and I love him paw-ever. He was and continues to be great company when I'm jogging or watching at home. It was a sad thing for me to be alone and because of him, I never have to jog alone again.

He may be just a dog to some dog to some people but he's a part of our family and my best little bud. Also, his heart-shaped tongue is so big! No wonder his superpower is spreading love! :)

One of the best moments I've ever had with my pet was when we joined the PetAngelxPurpleGroom photo shoot, and he totally enjoyed the "celebrity pet for a day" experience. I love our photos way too much because he's looking extra cute and most importantly, cuddly! Yep, the snuggle is real.

The photo shoot was exhausting but well worth it. So much fun! And thanks to the amazing photographer for his patience with us and our amateur "mowdeling" skills. Humphry had a blast and he was drooling over the ridiculously cute fur babies in the studio. Just sayin', he's still very single. :) He also loves the camera! Now, how to start my pet's modeling journey?
It's clearly love at first lick. First photo with my baby Humphry, with some milk on her teeny tiny nose!

Of course, we can't always go to a studio for a photo shoot. That is why we take selfies instead! When it comes to taking selfies with your pet/s, it takes some technique and arguably, the best way to take a selfie is by using the the perfect #SelfieExpert smartphone with a great front-facing camera. Sadly, not too many phones have great front-facing camera. This is where the OPPO F3 Red stands out. The OPPO F3 Red is a real game-changer for selfies because it features not just one but two front cameras. One for selfie, and another one for groufie!

It's not easy to take selfies with pets though. And sometimes, you need a "selfie expert" or a great smarthphone to capture the best shots. Apparently, OPPO F3 Red takes amazing subject-focused images (read: photos with your pets' cute faces in them). I tried it out and, lo and behold, the stunning  OPPO F3 Red which produces the best selfies, and even group selfies, reign. That old smartphone without dual-front cam? Not so much.

Here are some of the reasons why I love OPPO F3;
  • It has dual front camera. With two cameras, you will be able to snap a solo shot with your pet when your pet is in the mood for selfie, but you can also include you and your other pets for a groupie!
  • It has 16MP front camera, and 13MP rear camera
  • The dual selfie camera is enabled with features like Beautify 4.0 app, Screen Flash, Palm Shutter and Selfie Panorama, that gives even more options to capture head-turning selfies!
  • The Smart Facial Recognition feature automatically chooses the right lens among the two lenses to snap the best photos.
See? Just think of the amazing and sometimes hilarious selfies you could take with your fluffy friends. :) 

Seriously, OPPO F3 is the perfect phone for taking selfies with your pet, and it's truly a heaven-sent smartphone! I sure hope heaven will send me one soon.  For more info, you can visit http://www.oppo.com/ph.

Have a bow-wow day ahead! :)



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