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Confidence is every woman's crown. That is why the Queen of Philippine showbiz, Marian Rivera-Dantes, proudly wears her invisible crown, ready to answer frank and straight-to-the-point questions from the press, and looks as confidently beautiful as she did over a decade ago, when she danced with Dingdong Dantes aka Sergio in Marimar.

And if you practice good skin care regimen and wear sunblock everyday, there's a good chance you'll follow in her ageless footsteps. But if you begin to notice a little wrinkle here and there, you're not alone. Dull skin can be a major downer and sadly, age catches up sooner for some than others.

That said, never underestimate the power of Snow Crystal White Tomato to keep your skin bright and youthful.

On being the face of Snow Crystal White Tomato

Marian is no stranger to endorsing beauty products and according to her, she endorses products that she actually uses and believes in. She wanted to inspire other moms to be more confident and today, she was able to do just that as Vida NutriScience announced that she's the face of their newest product, Snow Crystal White Tomato .

Also, Marian revealed that it's one of her secrets to ageless beauty. However, she clarified that Snow Crystal White Tomato is not all about whitening. It also reduces the signs of skin aging and protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays which makes it perfect for people who are too lazy or have no time to put on sunblock. A box of this retails at Php2985 only.

Indeed, Marian is the perfect endorser for Snow Crystal White Tomato with her ageless beauty and confidence. Aside from taking supplements like Snow Crystal White Tomato once a day, she also shared that she never goes to bed with her makeup on no matter how tired she is.

On being a mom

Marian talked a little about motherhood and she was merely trying to tell other moms to prioritize self-care, which became even more important and that she became more "maarte" than it was before baby Zia came along. For some women, having a baby ranks right up there with their other biggest fear; getting older. But Marian is a living proof of a beautiful mom who graciously takes whatever help she can get to have a youthful-looking skin. So if you have ovaries or care about someone who does, take Marian's advice. You'll be a happier person and be a better mom for it.

What is Snow Crystal White Tomato?

A unique formula based on:

> Phytofloral derived from Crystal White Tomato which offers protection against darkening and even damage caused by exposure to UV rays of the sun. It is also very effective for evening skin tone. The Crystal White Tomato from which the Colorless Carotenoids that make up Phytofloral are derived is a non-GMO.

> Kohjin Glutathione which is known as one of the most powerful anti-oxidants. It actually helps in removing free radicals and repairs skin for a healthy glow from within.

The combination of Phytofloral with Kohjin Glutathione is topped off with Bioperine, an ingredient that increases the efficacy of the Phytofloral and Kohjin Glutathione combination by 30%.

Marian’s looks tend to distract us from the fact that she is an extraordinary, multi-faceted woman. She worked as a psychologist; she is a versatile actress in different genres like drama, action, and comedy; she has also hosted a dance show, a gag show, and a talk show. Now she is a hands-on mother and an ambassador for The Smile Train. She is fearless, she always has the confidence to reinvent herself and her career, that is why she stays relevant, that is why she is the queen”, says Erick Armigos, President and CEO of Vida Nutriscience.

At Vida Nutriscience, we take pride in the fact that we are always fresh and always relevant”, says Armigos. “We were among the first in the country to offer whitening supplements with 500mg of glutathione with our very popular SnowCaps brand. We were also the first, and so far the only company to come up with a Yerba Mate-based supplement and drink in mySlim.”

So, ladies, make sure that you always wear your crown and be confidently beautiful with Snow Crystal White Tomato. It is available in Mercury Drugstore, Watson’s, and other leading drugstores nationwide. For more information on Snow Crystal White Tomato, visit or

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