Johnson’s Donates Playpods to Philippine Toy Library

Look what came in the mail today. 📫 It's the Johnson's Active Kids Imagination Parcel! Yay! 😊 It's an amazing package for my kids that will surely encourage them to be creative and use their imagination to create and build new things. 😄

I believe playtime is important in a child's holistic development. Sadly, countless communities in Manila are unable to provide children with clean and safe play areas, too. This is a saddening truth despite the fact that play is a birth right of every child and it is quite proper to give them just that—playgrounds where they can freely move around and unlock their imagination.

Johnson’s has always believed in the importance of quality playtime that’s why it continuously looks for ways to promote this among children. In the recent launch of its campaign called Johnson’s Active Kids Playcation, different play pods were put up to provide safe spaces where children built structures, created masterpieces, ran around, and solved problems while using their imagination. Johnson’s has pledged to donate these play plods to the Philippine Toy Library in its aim to extend the value of “playcation” to children in more communities.

Johnson’s® pledges play pods to Philippine Toy Library at the launch of Johnson’s Active Kids Playcation. In photo from left to right are Johnson’s Senior Brand Manager Ria Gatmaitan, Johnson’s Event Consultant Gav Bengzon, Johnson’s Brand Manager Regina Dimayuga, Philippine Toy Library’s Marketing Manager Michael Santiago, Johnson’s Franchise Marketing Manager Bessie Campillo, and celebrity mom Bettina Carlos.

“Realizing the benefits of play in the well-being of a child, totoonga’ng di langlaroanglaro. Thus, it is important that we drive them to be more active and be really engaged in active play,” said ReginaDimayuga, Johnson’s®’ Brand Manager. “That is why we have partnered with Philippine Toy Library—to bring these play pods to communities that lack in providing opportunities for children to play, and make the value of play real to more children.”

The Philippine Toy Library is a non-profit organization that shares Johnson’s cause and dreams of providing spaces for play, creativity and imagination, and meaningful social interactions through active play among children.

“It is important that we create safe spaces that will encourage children to play and use their imagination. By ensuring that they have this opportunity, experiencing the optimum benefits of play is just at their arm’s reach,” shared Michael Santiago of Philippine Toy Library.

The four play pods that will be donated to the Philippine Toy Library are called Imagine & Seek, a play space with rubber mats that allows kids to bring images to life such as castles, houses, etc; Fireball Away is a structure that challenges kids to dodge ‘fireballs’ while trying to balance their way on top of a beam; Dragon Maze, a maze structure where kids need to count notable items as they make their way out to the exit; and Little Builder’s City, which has different building blocks of different sizes that require children to build their own fortresses. These play pods were made purposeful and safe for children to play to ignite their imagination and develop their cognitive skills.

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  1. Yes, for me, ayyoko tlga gadgets kaharap ng mga anak ko para d sila masugatan or maaksidente sa labas, NO that's not enough reason.. They should play active games like taguan or habulan kasi they will learn and mas gagana pa utak nila through actionsw than looking lang..

  2. ganda ng event! big tlaga! I love Johnsons!


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