A Tribute to all Fathers, the Light and Pillar of the Family

I know I've been slacking on my posts lately, but I saved the best for my favorite readers in the world. Today, I saved the best for all the amazing dads out there. Of course, that includes my dearest Papa.

My dad is the only person who has held my hands, changed my diapers, fed me, taught me how to ride a bike, and maybe secretly cried when I got hurt.  He's a dedicated father to his children – all four of us – and spends as much time as he can with his family. At the age of 68, he is no stranger to arthritis, wrinkles, aches and pain. But he doesn’t let any kind of discomfort or pain get in the way of a quality time with his family.

He's the kind of dad who wants to stick around as long as possible to watch his kids grow up, be there for them when they need him, grow old and bounce his grandkids on his lap. He can even play basketball and go biking with us! I've come to realize that spontaneous, unscripted moments like these, give us life. Try to remember these moments, think back, throwback or whatever it is that you have to. My dad never wanted to have a lot of money. He wanted a simple life. As for me, I remember the time when my dad told me two good, usable pieces of parenting advice; To live in the moment and to collect moments, not things.

My Papa taught me to stop worrying how it's going to happen and start believing that it will. Because I grew up with him laughing at my silly and horrible jokes. He never hesitated to hug me or tell me that he loves me. When he was upset with me, he never hesitated to let me know, but when he was proud, he never hesitated to let the whole world know. And that made all the difference.

Well. he's just like other dads. Sometimes serious sometimes stern, fathers are often the breadwinners of the family, clocking in hours for his work to ensure that their family will always have food on their plate, clothes on their back, and a safe roof over their heads.

It’s in his everyday efforts to provide for his loved ones that his love can be felt – and it is something that should never be taken for granted.

Especially on Father’s Day.

This Father’s Day, Firefly LED has launched an endearing tribute to the light and pillar of the family, the hardworking fathers who make sure that their family’s needs are always well taken care of.

In a heartwarming video, three fathers from different walks of life talk about how much they love their families, and why they don’t mind making sacrifices if it means seeing their children grow up well, happy, and most importantly, that their families remain intact no matter how busy life gets, which is in line with the brand’s “Kasama Mo” campaign.

“Ako ang nag-aalaga sa kanila, lahat ng pangangailangan nila -pag-aaral, pagkain, baon nila araw-araw, kung ano yung kailangan, yun ang ginagampanan,” says Harold, a 43-year-old single father and architect of his responsibility to his three children.

When asked what kind of father he is to his children, Rowel, a 47-year-old electrician has this to say, “Mapagmahal na ama. Hanggang kaya ko magtrabaho, gagawin ko. Sila lang ang kayamanan ko sa buhay.”Aside from being an electrician, Rowel has also been doing various odd jobs to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, fifty-year-old driver turned real estate agent Mario, takes pride in being able to provide for his children, especially for their education, “Napagtapos ko silang lahat. Masasabi ko pa rin naman na naging maayos yung pagpapalaki ko sa kanila.”

When asked what it is that they continue to pray for their family, a teary-eyed Mario says that he doesn’t his biggest hope is that his family will remain intact, he doesn’t want a broken family. It’s the same thing with Rowel who shares that he doesn’t want his children to suffer any hardships in life, adding how, one of his daughters is currently going through some problems with her partner who took away their grandchild. Upon sharing this, Rowel is clearly heartbroken by his daughter’s current ordeal.

As the three fathers were talking about the joys and sacrifices of being a father, unbeknownst to them, their families have been listening to their interviews, shedding tears of appreciation for their beloved fathers.

This time, it’s their families who will be making the effort to celebrate the wonderful fathers that they are. Selfless, loving, and will do anything for their families. 

Siya yung tipong tatay naisusubo na lang yung pagkain, iuuwi pa sa ‘min, mahal na mahal ka namin” says Rowel’s eldest daughter, who couldn’t help but cry as she recounts how selfless their father is when it comes to providing for their needs.

Rowel’s daughter is equally filled with emotions when she greets her father, saying “thank you” for everything and apologizes for whatever heartaches she may have caused. Rowel receives her with a warm embrace, assuring her of his love.

Harold is surprised to his children bringing him a gift saying that this is the first time he has experienced something like this, and with a shaky voice, adds, “Masarap pala.

It is definitely a tear jerking experience to hear their stories and see how, with a just a loving hug from their family members and words of appreciation, you’ll how much contentment and happiness it brings.

That with just a small gesture of appreciation, they are reassured that all of their sacrifices for their families are worth it.

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Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dads out there!


  1. nakakaiyak naman po...i miss my papa so much! tlgang nung nabubuhay po sya, kasi palagi po sya bc sa work nya kaya tlga wala syang time sa amin, natigil po sya sa trabaho kasi andaming naiinggit po sakanya...siniraan po sya hanggang sa mapaalis po sya sa posisyon nya...di ko pa nun naiintindihan kung bakit wala nang trabaho si papa, paglaki ko tlgang dun ko lang narealize na masakit pala pinagdaanan ni Papa kahit na parati syang mukhang masaya dito sa bahay...di pala tlga..namatay po si Papa nung 2011 po..sumuko po sya sa laban kasi alam nyang after nya magka stroke, magiging inutil na po sya as in yung dapat na namin sy buhatin at pakainin at paliguan...ayaw ni Papa ng ganun, so sumuko po sya sa laban. Nawala po si Papa pero alam namin kung bakit kasi po nagpakita sya sa ate ko sa panaginip, sinabi nya lahat, masakit man lalo na kay mama, pero tinanggap po namin agad. Until now, di po mawawala si Papa sa puso't isipan namin. Mahal na mahal po namin si Papa. Happy Father's Day sa lahat na tatay sa mundo!

  2. your papa deserves the best po! Happy Father's Day po ulit!


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