Three Main Reasons Why it's Always #FamFirstAtSM

Family over everything. Priorities over conveniences. No matter what happens, my family always comes first.

That being said, I'm hoping to create new memories with this meaningful picture of my daughter in SM Mall of Asia. It's a snippet of the happiest moment of our family during this summer break. Well, every visit at SM Supermalls is packed with memorable moments, but this had to be the most special by far.

It reminds me to take time to stop, breathe, and be in the moment. To spend more time loving and accepting rather than hating and disliking. To spend more time with my family, take longer walks, snuggle with my kids, and tell my husband how much he means to me every day.

Spending quality time with the family can be a constant challenge but we need to remember that nobody is more deserving of our time than our family. That is why I always make sure to spend time with them and going to the mall is one of our favorite family bonding time.  It once felt like a necessary splurge, but thanks to SM Supermalls, going to the mall is more accessible and unforgettable than ever. I believe that SM Supermalls is making family fun a priority. Here, some of the reasons why I think it's always  #FamFirstAtSM.

1. SM Supermalls is a place for family fun, but it’s even better during the summer. Not only can you play around the mall, shop, or wander, but you can enjoy free family activities. I call them summer boredom-busters!  I love how Sm Supermalls brings kids and parents together through these fun, family-centric activities. There are lots of things to do and events to watch, many at no charge.

Some of our fun family activities to make our kids' summer vacation a super summer are riding the Carousel, road train, bike, zipline, and more at the SM by the Bay amusement park.

 What could make a hot summer day more fun for your kids? Pinwheels, of course!

Taking pics is on top of my list too, while capturing the beauty of the towering MOA Eye. Aside from the view, you’ll also enjoy moments that later on become happy memories.

Aside from enjoying the rides, watching movies and eating out are also some of our family's favorite bonding time. There's a lot of restaurants to choose from at SM Supermalls, plus lots of food choices and freebies at the Foodcourt!

2. More savings for the family by shopping for sale items at SM Supermalls

For our family of four, it's important to save and take advantage of Summer or Weekend Sale. We also did a bit of back-to-school shopping and we took advantage of the back-to-school sale for us to avoid the back-to-school blues. And there is only one place to go to if you want stress-free shopping,... it's SM Stationery at the SM Store!

Happiness is... shopping for toys at Toy Kingdom. Of course, this meant a whole lot of smiling and playing after shopping.

3. SM has it all, but I'm talking about what "having it all" really means. Having it all means spending time with the family and spreading love and happiness. If we have love, we have family, we have everything we need. Family comes first. Now, THIS is what I like best in SM Supermalls that really makes me say that it's always #FamFirstAtSM.

Our daughter was at peak cuteness and happiness during our last visit to SM Supermalls, and it provided plenty of adorable moments. Also, it confirmed that this young lady has mastered the all-important jump shot and look up combo.

Seriously, is there anything better than seeing your kid's smile? No, no there is not.

There is still a lot of summer left to enjoy, so why not make the most of it and make time to be with your family? Every family bonding is best enjoyed at SM Supermalls and I'm sure that it will bring your family closer together, and will create a lifetime of memories.

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