Four Reasons Why You Shouldn't Shop at SM Stationery

Time flies! School bells will be ringing before you know it! So yeah, it's time to start your back-to-school shopping, and SM Stationery is always there to make it easy.  Last year, I sailed through back-to-school season stress-free. Thanks to SM Stationery. Check out my blog post here.

Well, I am a HUGE fan of shopping at SM Stationery, so much so that I've been shopping there for my kid's school supplies every year to help me save more money.  This year, we went to SM Stationery in SM Taytay and we had a super fun shopping experience. However, I realize that maybe, not everyone should shop there, so let me share a few  reasons why you should never ever shop in SM Stationery;  (Please note: Followed by layers of sarcasm on sarcasm on sarcasm.)

1. You like missing back-to-school deals and you just love paying full price for school supplies.

In SM Stationery, they have lots of easy ways to save on school essentials such as Back-to-School Deals, SALE items, BUY 1 Get 1, etc. Like this All-in-one school pack for only Php399, wherein you'll find everything that your kids need to make the upcoming school year a successful one. You'll find high quality products and school supplies for a lower price at SM Stationery. So, if you like to pay the full price for an item and you don't like buying a bundle of notebooks for only Php100, then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't shop at SM Stationery.

Backpacks are just what you need to carry it all. They are preferred by many kids and teens because they're easy to carry and they keep their hands free. There are backpacks in an array of sizes, styles, colors and designs to suit various ages and tastes.

You'll also get a free watch if you buy items worth Php1500.

2. You love to spend a lot of time shopping in the store.

If you love going back and forth every aisle for hours, then shopping at SM Stationery may not be for you.

Before, I would spend hours looking for just a few items and then even more time lining up to the cashier. I still stand in line, but on a much less waiting time because there are many cashiers waiting for me. I would spend more than 4 hours of shopping, but now that I shop at SM Stationery, I am literally in and out in under 30 minutes.

3. You love the thrill of shopping in a crowded store.

It is less crowded at SM Stationery and the aisles are well-lit and much wider with huge signs everywhere. Plus the fact that it is air-conditioned where you can shop comfortably. So yeah, if you love the thrill of squeezing, bumping and wiggling your way through a throng of shoppers or shopping in a store that's like a crowded maze, then SM Stationery is not the place for you.

4. You like buying the same, old boring designs of bags and notebooks.

If you like the old designs of notebooks, and you hate to make your kids stand out with the season's smartest and trendiest school items at SM Stationery, then by all means, find another store. SM Stationery carries the best  (and the coolest) brands in the market, offering high-quality school supplies at affordable and competitive prices. There's a lot of good items you can find here especially some rare brands you can't find on other stores. Obviously, my favorite section, of course, is where you can find the super cute and fun stuff.

SM Stationery beats out other stores every time. Look:

Whether you're shopping for a preschooler, high-school or college student, back-to-school shopping means stocking up on school supplies the easiest and most convenient way. It is just the first step in gearing up for the new school year.

As for me, I shop for my kid's school essentials at SM Stationery every year, and cross off all of the items on my To-Buy list and still stay within my budget.  I dare you to give it a try, you may be surprised at what you'll find. I certainly have big plans of heading back tomorrow for another round of shopping because it's the start of a super crazy weekend! Sale items and Buy 1 Take 1 deals are all waiting for you. Perhaps I'll see you there.

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