Own the Season with #SummerHairExpert Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue

Hey, lovelies. The perfect summer experience starts with good hair. We all love the season, but little do we know that our sun-kissed hair can turn into sun-damaged hair in an instant, especially if unprotected. The most common signs of this problem include dry and brittle strands, dryness, and frizziness.

That is why it's super important to protect our locks at any cost, and this is what Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue aims to address with #SummerHairExpert. It's all about getting the most out of summer without having to worry about the 3 most common signs of sun-damaged hair.

So, what is Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue and how is it different from the regular (rinse off) Cream Silk conditioner?

Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue is a daily treatment conditioner inspired by the power of three expert treatments, namely: hair spa for damage repair, hot oil for softness, and keratin for smoothness and shine. This formulation is specifically designed to rescue even severely damaged hair in just one wash by combining the intense nourishment of both a regular conditioner and hair treatment in one product. It comes in a silver tube with four (4) different variants;

Orange - Dry Rescue
Blue - Damage Control
Pink - Standout Straight
Green - Hair Fall Defense

Available in 10ml sachets (P 7.50), 180ml (P140), and 350ml (P259) tubes in leading drugstores, department stores and supermarkets nationwide.

Tested and trusted by celebrated experts in the beauty space, Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue is one beauty essential every Modern Filipina should never travel without.

Kim is the penultimate summer girl, who knows how to enjoy spending time under the sun without letting sun damaged hair get in the way. She shared exclusive tips and tricks on how to keep the hair stylish and damage-free this summer. I also got a Beach Essential kit curated by Kim Jones which includes a travel scarf or Mandala roundie, Beach Hat, and Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue.

“With all my travels here and abroad, I find that Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue is a must-have! Being always on the go, I like how it’s an easy fix for making sure my hair is protected under the sun”, said digital creative, beauty icon and world traveler Kim Jones.

Hairstylist to the stars Suyen Salazar adds, “The summer heat can really take a toll on our hair. That's why I always advise my clients to invest in easy-to-use products that go that extra mile in keeping our hair healthy like Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue.”

This season, don’t let sun-damaged hair ruin an unforgettable summer experience. Achieve the perfect summer story starting with great hair!


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