#CreateLegacies: From a Father to his Daughter

"A few years ago, my father had a stroke. When I got the news from my relatives, I went into full panic mode. Suddenly there was nothing going on in the world except for my fear of losing my dad. That was what it felt like. It was like I was separating myself from the world. But he was able to recover. He is, indeed, a fighter. He can do all the same things as my mom except for the milk part. And even though we're a broken family, he tried to make up for that by taking care of us, helping us in our school projects and bringing us to church every weekend.  Whenever I don’t feel like going to school, he says "come here," and he gives me a hug, and that changes me. Whenever I worry about something, he tells me to stop worrying how it's going to happen and start believing that it will. When he's upset with me, he never hesitates to let me know but when he's proud, he never hesitates to let the world know. And that made all the difference.  I remember the time when my dad told me two good, usable pieces of parenting advice; To live in the moment and to connect with your family, always.At the age of 69, he is no stranger to arthritis, wrinkles, aches and pain. But he doesn’t let any kind of discomfort or pain get in the way of a quality time with his family. He taught me to live every year as if it were my last. It meant spending more time time with my family and focusing on our health. It meant making new friends, saying yes to many more things and creating a legacy for myself and my family. It meant my priorities were no longer the same as before."

Create a life beyond yourself. 
Create. Legacies.

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