How to Make Star Margarine Fairy Bread | How to Win Star Margarine Fairy Bread Kits

Forget cupcake or anything from a bakery, if you want to have some great bonding fun with your kids at home, try making Star Margarine Fairy Bread! Basically, Fairy Bread is buttered bread with sprinkles, but making it perfectly is an ART! It is a sweet, rainbow-colored treat loved by adults and kids alike. Oh, and  this fun and healthy “baon” alternative takes less than 2 minutes to make and leaves you licking your lips asking for more.

Recently, we just discovered the wonders of  Star Margarine's "Star Fairy Bread" pack which contains one (1) 250g (8.82oz.) Star Margarine and a pack of colorful sprinkles.  The new STAR Margarine Fairy Bread comes in four different variants: stars, christmas trees, flowers and classic sprinkles. Also, STAR Margarine in itself is packed with 10 vitamins and minerals that help in your child’s complete development.

Best eaten as merienda or snack in-between meals, my daughter (who believes she's a real chef) told me it can also be a dessert or breakfast. Oh gosh! Why didn't I think of that? She added that it can also be a good option as a cheat meal on my diet. (Diet? What diet?)

Making Star Margarine Fairy Bread is super easy. So easy that it should take one brief sentence on how to make it; smear butter on white bread then throw sprinkles all over it ( as well as the table, floor, dog,etc.) But things really take off when my daughter, Maia, explains the finer points of preparing the perfect Star Margarine Fairy Bread in this video. Watch:

With the NEW STAR Margarine Fairy Bread, you can turn snack time into fun, enjoyable moments. This cute little 'fairy bread' makes a tasty baon for your kids or would be fun party food at your kid's birthday party. It's so easy to make that even young kids can have fun creating the treat. It's simple, it's nostalgic, and the combo of Star Margarine and sprinkles is a match made in heaven.

Follow these simple steps to create your own STAR Margarine Fairy bread creations:

Step 1:  Take a piece of bread, preferably white, then spread Star Margarine Classic on it. Make sure to apply a generous amount of Star Margarine to cover the bread. You can also opt to toast the bread.

Step 2: Decorate the bread by putting some candied sprinkles on top. But before you do that, STOP right there! Don't just start sprinkling. First, choose your sprinkle; stars, christmas trees, flowers and classic sprinkles. The sprinkles, work well, as do the smaller kind typically found on top of doughnuts. The sprinkles give it a slight crunch, and the sweetness seems to complement the savory taste of Star Margarine.

Step 3: Cut it into fun shapes like stars, triangles and hearts. Cut the bread depending on the age of the consumer. Smaller mouth= smaller piece.

Step 4: Take a photo of your creation and enjoy!

How to win special STAR Margarine Fairy Bread Kits? Read on...

If you're looking out for new ways to make “baon” more exciting and friendly for your kids, try making fairy bread with your kids. You can also get a chance to win STAR Margarine Fairy Bread Gift Pack! All you have to do is buy STAR Margarine Fairy Bread pack. It's available for a limited time only at your favorite supermarkets nationwide! Then, like STAR Margarine's Facebook page and share the STAR Margarine post Lastly, share your Fairy Bread creations and use the hashtags, #StarSiKidStarSiMommy at #StarFairyBread.

Thanks for reading! Now, go make some Star Margarine Fairy Bread. :)



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