Sale Alert: Oh Come, All Ye Shoppers and Gift Givers at Landers Superstore's Super Crazy Sale

Today, you get first dibs on big discounts, top-notch brands and a peek of my super fun, relaxed and easy Christmas shopping experience at Landers Superstore, the newest premier membership shopping establishment in the country.

Teddy Bear Price Off from P2,999.75 to P1,999.75
It's like a Christmas miracle! All the things on my wishlist including these 53-inch Teddy Bears are now on sale! So glad I was invited to experience a special Holiday shopping treat at Landers Superstore that is why I'm sharing my top picks and I'm sure you'll be thanking me come Christmas. And now that there's a Super Crazy Sale happening this weekend, I don't recommend waiting.

It's nice to know that Landers Superstore prides itself in offering only top-notch imported products and exclusive brands. I'm also excited for their Super Crazy Sale! On December 3 and 4, members can exclusively shop and enjoy 50% discounts, buy one and take one deals, and get lots of SurPrices.

Also, at Landers Superstore, you won't see the same old scenario all over the metro: hordes of shoppers in a frenzy to raid crowded supermarket aisles with jam-packed shelves of the same brands and same Christmas promo bundles, endless lines for payment at the cashier, the tedious challenge of getting out of the parking lot where everyone seems to be in a rush to join the heavy Holiday traffic.

Why? Because the aisles are huge and spacious. Oh well, with an 8,000-square meter vast shopping space, it ain't called Superstore for nothing. You can easily breeze through Landers’ well-lit aisles without bumping into another shopper. You won't get lost because there are huge signs hanging from the ceiling.

 It aims to change the harried pace of our Christmas shopping by giving “more value to customers so they will always have a blissful shopping experience.” So you don't have to worry about  narrow lanes, shopping carts crashing into each other, or long queues of shoppers waiting to pay their items. At Landers Superstore, you can definitely have a relaxed and easy shopping experience.

Shoppers now have a better Christmas shopping option at Landers Superstore. It's the perfect place to enjoy and shop at your own leisure without going through the frantic holiday rush. Plus, I'm sure you won't be able to resist their special holiday offerings this Christmas season. Yep, their cheerful reindeer collection is ready to make its way into your home.

The wide assortment of goods ranging from imported products coming from as far as the US, Canada and Australia to high-quality local and exclusive brands gives you a lot of options to choose from.

Here you can find brands and products not found in any other retail outlets or groceries, including unique Oreo flavors, Nutella tubs, Gatorade energy chews and chocolate-flavored drink, Badia Spices and Himalayan Pink Salt, Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream, Double Rainbow Gourmet Ice Cream, and even dry shampoos, to name a few. 

Maia wants me to go back now so I can buy more boxes of these super cute Swiss Miss Holiday Boxes. Super yummy ng Dark Chocolate Sensation and Mint Chocolate flavors!

Now, this one's perfect for this Christmas season of feasts! With your home properly set for the Holidays, it’s time to spread Christmas cheer with Landers Superstore’s various Holiday Baskets!

For only P2,999, the Noche Buena basket is complete with favorite ingredients perfect for a family’s Christmas dinner. Want to give a thoughtful present to friends who are health buffs? The Organic Basket, at P1,999, is filled with wholesome and healthy treats. And for those who love to sit down for a drink or two, there’s the Snacks and Beer Basket for only P1,499.

But one cannot live with a Holiday basket  alone so Landers Superstore decided to add a number of other Christmas treats to its selections. Just like these fresh Nova Scotia Balsam Fir Trees. They come with stands and in sizes 6ft - 8ft. Available only at Landers Superstore, this sturdy fresh Christmas tree with its aromatic and soft needles makes the holiday celebration even more festive and unforgettable.

For pet lovers, check out the wide variety of goods for your dogs, cats and other furry friends. Lots of toys too for the little ones!

Dress up your home this holiday season with top quality accessories from their home section. Oh, and wines please. Christmas is never complete without a bottle of wine on the holiday table.

This lovely Dining Set is Php5,000 off this weekend at the Landers' Super Crazy Sale!

I love these colorful Ikea swivel chairs. Super nice! Oh, and I also love this 3-tier basket. I want to
buy them all. Seriously. Landers is such a dangerously addictive place. :)

I bought this Philips Blender On the Go for my baby boy because he will be starting solids soon and it's currently on sale. 

I also bought some fresh fruits and vegetables for my baby. Some of them are under the Buy 1 Take 1 promo! Yay!

Don't miss the Organic section! Here, I found Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, which is always sold out in other supermarkets, and I also saw some imported brands that you might find interesting.

Super means more and it gets even more exciting with a lot of perks in store because you'll get more than just shopping. Landers Superstore is also the first membership shopping superstore in the Philippines to have a cozy coffee shop (Doppio), a comfortable diner (Landers Central), and a delectable bakery (Dough & Co.).

Doppio's super yummy ice cream is currently on sale too for only P65 per cup!

While taking a break from shopping, you can enjoy delicious New York-style pizza, fried chicken and hotdogs, bagels, fancy cakes and pastries in its spacious dining area.

The Superstore also provides a sleek barbershop (Talas ManileƱo in Landers Balintawak and Federal Barbers in Landers Otis) where waiting husbands and even kids can get their own pampering.

Not only that, you can also enjoy gasoline perks, guys! Exclusively for members, Landers Superstore offers discounts whenever you fill up your tank at its very own gas station. Get P2 off per liter of Gasoline and P1.50 per liter of Diesel from five-star gasoline station, Caltex. And no, this is not just a Christmas deal – the fuel discount is an everyday offer. Yay!

Become a member now and make your Christmas shopping merrier and more exciting. Avail of the membership card worth P800. You may also avail of one (1) extension card for an additional P400. On the other hand, Business membership fee is P1,000 and you may avail of up to four (4) extension cards for an additional P400 each. All memberships are valid for 12 months and may be renewed with the same fee. Your membership card will be honored at all Landers Superstores.

Currently, Landers Superstore is offering a 20% discount on all membership fees. So that makes the Premium or Personal membership fee at P640 only and its extension at P320, while the Business membership is at P800 only and its extension at P320 also.

I had a super fun shopping experience at Landers Superstore and can't wait to go back this weekend. My husband and I certainly have big plans of heading back tomorrow because it's the start of a super crazy weekend! Their 50% discounts, Buy 1 Take 1 deals, and crazy SurPrices are all waiting for you.  Perhaps we'll see you there.

Shop at Landers’ first superstore at 1240 EDSA Balintawak, Apolonio Samson, Quezon City or come visit the second store, Landers Superstore - Otis at 1890 Paz Guazon St., Paco, Manila.

For more information and to know more about Landers’ exclusive Christmas shopping promo, visit

Stay super and enjoy shopping at Landers Superstore!


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