Celebrate Togetherness by Joining Lady's Choice #ThankUTogether For a Cause

Here's to the people who still live in darkness. No lights, no electricity but they are still happy. Not only because they're able to survive the hardships in life, but because they know life is better when they are together.

I'm talking about the people in the small town of Naubo. Despite the darkness, they still look forward to a bright and happy Christmas together as one big family. Watch how Lady’s Choice made togetherness shine brighter in this small community without electricity:

To be honest, I'm tired of watching videos about politics and all the things that are going wrong with our country. That is why it's so refreshing to watch this heartwarming video that restores my belief in the goodness of our world. Also, it made cry, in a good way. I always appreciate stories about happiness and togetherness. After all, that's our ultimate goal in life, to be happy together with our families.

The smiles in this video is the result of Lady's Choice's all-out effort to celebrate togetherness by bringing light to their homes.  And now, with the help of  Lady's Choice, we can help light up other barangays and give brighter memories as well as brighter homes to those who need it most.

This Christmas, let's help light up Sitio Casile, another town with no electricity. Be a part of this movement by helping others celebrate Christmas with their loved ones just by posting photos of your beautiful families. Post a Family Photo that best shows a moment of togetherness. By doing so, we all help Lady's Choice #ThankUTogether for a cause. Remember to tag @LadysChoice. Every post helps light up Sitio Casile this Christmas.

What do you get in return for doing this? Nothing. You won’t be richer and you won't receive anything except for a gift that money can't buy --  to witness happiness. To see a home made brighter and a world made more beautiful.

My little family and I recently had this photo taken together with our baby boy. This is our first family photo as a family of four. I hope that by simply sharing this memory helps countless others in Sitio Casile who live without electricity and lights. Join this movement, share the light and let togetherness shine in our homes this Christmas.

Learn more about this cause through Lady's Choice Philippines' Website and Facebook page.



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