No Tricks, All Treats with Lady's Choice Roast Beef Spread and Chicken BBQ Spread

Trick or treat? Or better yet, Chicken or beef? This Evil Queen appears to have both at her disposal. Um, yep. No tricks, all treats!

To be honest, I cringe while I look on in horror whenever I see loads of candies inside my daughter's plastic pumpkin bag. Last Halloween, my daughter asked if the treats she got were good, but I genuinely can’t remember because I was too busy being upset. I know it sounds weird but I just can’t get excited about feeding my kids a handful of sweets with artificial food coloring and other chemicals, even if it's just once a year.

Don't get me wrong. I love Halloween and I want to look forward to passing out treats and seeing all of the adorable kids in their costumes. Also, no Halloween is complete without trick or treat, but here's the tricky part, not all treats are created equal. So the question is, what are you giving out this Halloween? All the other neighbors will be giving them sweets so why not hand out some healthy, savory treats instead this year? Being mindful of the kids' health, I think that's a great way to avoid that dreadful toothache a kid has the morning after the candy binge that is Halloween.

Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible that sandwiches with Lady's Choice Roast Beef Spread and Chicken BBQ Spread — yaaas, sandwiches, not hard super sweet candies, would come out among the top picks for Halloween treats. Oh, and I really think the people who hand these out are gods among men and angels sent down from heaven to spread goodwill and awesomeness to all the little boys and girls of the world.

Sandwiches are better alternatives to giving out candy and other wicked sweets ever handed out on Halloween. You can transform them into witches, ghosts, spiders and other spookier form in just a few steps, no magic spell required. I prefer these over the other individually-packaged candies and chocolates plus, you can cut down on the empty calories and sugar by giving out these sensible snacks. Here, I shared one of the sandwich recipes using the new Lady's Choice Roast BeefSpread that your little monsters are sure to love.

The first time we tried both spreads, we didn't know which one to pick, until we weighed in after a few more tries and Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ Spread emerged as a top favorite followed by the close-second Roast Beef Spread.

Maia gave a big thumbs up to the Chicken BBQ variant because she loves the sweet and tangy flavor, while my husband likes the savory & creamy Roast Beef Spread.  Both spreads are easy to find at the supermarket and are well-loved by kids. That being said, it's the perfect treat for little trick or treaters and don't be surprised if everyone starts asking (and screaming) for more.

So this Halloween, why not let your kids try some of these wickedly tasty sandwiches (you could even have a sneaky few yourself). Skip the tricks this year and go straight for these treats!

What will you be passing out to kids for Halloween Trick or Treat? Chicken or Beef? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a hearty, healthy, and happy Halloween!



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