Sale Alert: Get Your Eyes on Fleek at SM Eye Fest 2016

I used to do my eye makeup the same way everyday. You know, the usual black eyeliner and a lighter shadow on top. But recently, I've been planning to shop for new shades of eye makeup to elevate my look and guess what?! I finally got a chance to do just that. Thanks to SM Beauty!

If you've been dying to get your hands on the new eyeliner or mascara, attention shoppers: you're in luck. This September 28 to October 31, SM beauty celebrates the second year of the campaign "Get Your Eyes on Fleek".

Stock up and save some cash while you're at it, by shopping the best of eye makeup products that are on sale right now. Now's the best time to get your eyes on fleek as the campaign launch highlights the key eye trends this year.

The Beauty Passport every beauty lover needs.
I attended the exclusive launch of of SM's Eye Festival at SM Makati last Wednesday. I got to visit different booths of participating brands and joined the fun activities. Also, I did my own makeup and tried out the products there. I truly felt like a model for a day and I even got my photo taken by the talented beauty and fashion photographer, Melson Bolongaita. Plus, I really enjoyed shopping with these beautiful ladies.

With lovelies, Kaye and Ruth
With my beshies, Rochelle and Kaye

For the whole month of October, head over to SM Beauty and dig into the widest range of cosmetic products available like L'Oreal, Maybelline, Max Factor, Covergirl, Revlon, BYS, NYX, Elf and more! Enjoy up to 50% off ( Yaaas! Almost half off! ) on select eye makeup products, lots of freebies and learn today's newest trends!

This is something you don't want to miss if you want to be truly eye-catching. SM Beauty can teach you to go past the basic blacks, nudes and browns. The latest trend comes in all different shapes and colors, from dots to stars, and glitter to brights. Take a look below and find the one that speaks to your beauty lover's heart!

  • Bold Shadows- Remember, bold is beautiful. Deep toned eyes shadows that create eye-popping statements is something every girls should try. I'm not a huge eye shadow wearer, but when I do, BYS is always my go-to. I love this palette which has amazing base and bold colors. It's highly pigmented and I don't even need to re-apply, which is basically my fave perk of being lazy. Just me? Oh well. 
TIP: Make sure to put a primer on your lids before applying aye shadows so the color really pops and lasts all day.

  • Eye-Catching Liners - Make your liner jet black and super bold. Keep skin and face bare, and let your eyes dazzle. Take risks and draw outside the lines because the cat-eye is so.. well, basic. Try colored lines with bright colors to make sure you stand out.

  • Sultry brows- When I was a kid, I never thought a perfectly groomed and well-defined eyebrows would be this important. Fast forward to today, bolder brows are still in, and it's not going anywhere soon so don't forget to define, fill-in and tame! Never underestimate the power of eyebrow makeup products. Without them, the world would be a scary place. Seriously.

  • Lush lashes- Vivid color lashes that are curled to accentuate your eyes make a huge difference. A splash of color to your peepers frame the face very well.
Don't miss this sale, where some of the products are up to 50% off. Which means you can buy an extra one to keep for yourself, or share with your beshies. I've personally tried some of these products and I can't wait for you to check them out!

Indeed, SM Beauty offers so much options perfect for every girl. If you missed the SM Lipstick Festival last month, don't miss out on this one so you'll be able to rock those eye-chic makeup looks.

So what are you waiting for? Get your eyes on fleek and head on over to SM Beauty! For more details, follow SM Beauty on Facebook and @smbeautyph on Instagram. Share your photos by using the hashtag #SMEyesonFleek.

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