An Event for Your Senses: Nu Skin Launches Epoch Essential Oils

I hate to admit it but sometimes, I struggle when it comes to achieving a work-life balance. Because, life can get really stressful and toxic, right? I'm sure there are times that you feel the same way too. Modern lifestyles, especially for on-the-go moms like me, can detract from meaningful connections with the world, leaving yourself feeling unbalanced.

Having said that, I needed to find a way to make myself feel better, stat. That is why I grabbed the chance to attend Nu Skin Philippines' product launch of  Epoch® Essential Oils (EEO) at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura Premier last Saturday.

It was a day of health, wellness, and relaxation because aside from having a relaxing back massage, I was able to discover natural and experiential ways to live better. Their Essential Oils are ethnobotanical solutions that enhance human interactions and create sensory experiences.

From the source of these pure grade oils, Epoch Essential Oils produce a wide variety of oils available for your needs. Nu Skin provides eight 15 ml bottles of Essential Oils. I was able to know more about these essential oils at the DIY corner. I discovered that Epoch Essential Oils can be turned into recipes for your home, body care treats, and facial delights. There's a wide array of recipes and mixes you can do yourself in the comfort of your own home.

I also learned that these oils can encourage natural  healing processes in the body plus, they can help you relax mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

I got my first set of Essential Oils that came with a mini mist diffuser, a mixer and instructions. It's great for personal use especially for someone like me who has allergic rhinitis. A quick whiff of the mini diffuser with the oil quickly stops my runny nose.

Here, one of the different blends that can bring an amazing sensory experience;

9 drops Epoch Unwind - Lavender Bergamot Blend
4 drops Epoch Burst - Citrus Mint Blend
2 drops Epoch  Move - Wintergreen Juniper Blend

I always have killer headaches and migraines, that is why I use the mini mist diffuser with either Lavender or Unwind. Lavender is an immediate treatment for frequent migraines and headaches plus, it gives a calming sensation to ease tension and stress.

I always carry the Epoch Unwind with me in the car because it helps fight nausea and motion sickness. It also fights insomnia and promotes better sleep which is why I rub this oil on my pillow at night to get a good night's sleep.

I also love the scent of Epoch Burst, with subtle hints of fresh grapefruit, tangerine, lime, and the exotic Mediterranean bergamot fruit. It is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial that kills germs on kitchen surfaces and neutralizes stale and moldy odors.

The Epoch Move, on the other hand, is an invigorating topical blend of wintergreen and juniper essential oils, used to temporarily soothe. During moments of discomfort like when I suffer from muscle pain and tension, I mix Epoch Move to relieve the pain. It also clears and energizes the mind for heightened productivity.

I really love having these natural, quality ingredients on hand. A little certainly goes a long way with these essential oils and I like how the Epoch mini mist diffuser supercharges the experience by diffusing the oil into a fine mist instantly. Also, it keeps all my frazzled nerves in check and creates a feeling of harmony and peace even amid the most hectic day. All in all, I truly enjoyed the delightful benefits of  EEO that is why I'm sharing my experience with you guys, and I hope the same especially for you.

Oh, and the week is about to end and I'm sure you know that it's the perfect time to unwind. Do so with Epoch Essential Oils. You're welcome.

Hmm.. Did I leave anything off? Do share if you have any essential oils that worked for you or for someone you know.



Any comments, my dear?