The Secret To a #MarksBetter Whopper at Burger King

How do you like your burger? Sweet or spicy? As for me, I like it angry. And by angry, I mean spicy, flame-grilled, juicy, satisfying and will leave you wanting for more. That's why I like to call it Angry Whopper.

Nothing on earth tastes as good as the #MarksBetter Whopper with its savory, flame-grilled 100%  pure beef patty (If you're a vegetarian, you might want to stop reading at this point) smeared with creamy mayonnaise, and topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, crunchy pickles and sliced white onions. All on a soft, sesame seed bun. Yum.
Warning: This Angry Whopper might make you scream #MarksMasarap nga! In case of fire, smother with ketchup!
To be honest, I always wanted to know what's the secret formula for a juicy Whopper that has the power to make me savor the true beef taste and scream "#MarksBetter and #MarksMasarap nga!"

The "Grill and Chill Cookout" event at Burger King's Tiendesitas branch, as well as Tom Rodriguez' new Burger King commercial, prompted me to try its newest creation. I wasn't just hungry tho, I also felt a nostalgic longing both for the mystery and curiosity to find out why their burgers are definitely #MarksBetter than any other burger!

The event was hosted by the fun and crazy duo, Sam YG and Tom Rodriguez. Sam's funny punchlines and tongue-in-cheek attitude plus Tom's irresistible charm, made them the perfect hosts for this event. The pair added brilliant and colorful (and a bit cray) commentary on each of the participants of the Grill and Chill cookout challenge.

It was also a great way to catch up with Tom on why he took on this newest venture. Case in point: his very refreshing view on his new venture involves burgers, so I'm obviously on board. So what does Tom has to say about the new Whopper?

"I like authenticity- staying true to yourself being honest." he says. And that is what Whopper is all about; an honest-to-goodness flame-grilled burger that is made of 100% beef, is juicy, satisfying and will leave you wanting for more. He also shared that he looks for grill marks when it comes to burgers to distinguish the real first-rate quality. He's definitely a Whopper lover, and his face says it all! :)

Burger King is the only chain that makes flame-grilled burgers, assuring its guests that they only taste top-notch with superb quality. The grill marks (evident in every single patty they serve) seal the authenticity and that's what sets them apart from other burger chains.

It was definitely a fun grillin' and chillin' kind of afternoon as The Choice 2015 winner for Favorite Fast Food Burger reintroduced the Whopper by celebrating the importance of grill marks in searing and sealing the flavor of BK's signature burger.

The "Whopperman" who holds the fastest record of 12 seconds in preparing and wrapping a Whopper showed us his impressive ninja skills. Sounds like someone would have to be a superhuman, like The Flash, to pull it off. Only he isn't, that's why I call him the Whopperman.

Check out how to prepare and wrap a Whopper like a pro;

A big congratulations to Richie Zamora, the winner of the Grill and Chill Cookout Challenge. Nicely done.

Anything that lets you get a Whopper and fries in the same meal is a winner so yeah, everybody goes home a winner.

I suggest you try absolutely anything on the totally fresh and ever-changing menu at Burger King. Not to miss: Rock It Fries. You can upgrade any value meal to Rock it Fries. So how exactly do you rock the #RockItFries? Well, I mentally bookmarked the steps. Below, your guide.

Actually, you can experience it in three easy steps but I'm making it four, simply because I want to have it my way. :)

Step 1: Mix in the powder. Choose between Cajun BBQ Parmesan or Maple Bacon sauce. Hint: Bacon makes everything #Marksbetter :)
Step 2: Pour in the sauce.
Step 3: Rock it all out!
Step 4: Eat and enjoy.

Now, this is a photo of my daughter's post-Whopper experience. It might be along the same lines as "everything cheesy and messy" but I've never seen it put in a more appetizing way. Mainly because, it's a  #MarksBetter Whopper. You can have it with either the Rock it Fries or the regular one.

Hey, whatever works! So just rock on and have it your way.



Any comments, my dear?