The Cure for Shoepidity: Heatwave Arrives in Manila

A recent study shows that this year's fashionable new shoes are up to 30% more ridiculous, 48% less practical and at least 50% more stupid than last year. As a certified shoe-aholic and a licensed physical therapist, I can't help but share a new word that I have most certainly added to my medical terms/vocabulary.

Nude heels. On point.
Shoepidity |shoo-'pi-di-tee| noun A common condition that affects approximately 6 out of 10 women, who wear ridiculous uncomfortable shoes just so they look hot. While not fatal, it does result in significant physical, social and emotional concerns that may hinder one's productivity.

Are you suffering from acute shoepidity? There's nothing more tragic than a girl who struggles to walk in her heels and spends hours in agony. Or that moment when you have to make a decision to choose between form and function. The most notable physical signs and symptoms of shoepidity are the ff;

  • Pinched toes, with soreness and discomfort.
  • Excruciating pain on both feet. Pain scale 7/10
  • Displaced foot and ankle bones.
  • Blistered heels, cuts and bunions.
  • Altered posture. Abnormal gait.
  • Muscle fatigue. Calf muscles, to be exact.
For reference, a photo of potentially dangerous shoes is shown below;

The utterly ridiculous (and often seriously weird and downright stupid on so many levels) design is a hallmark characteristic of these shoes, which often results to sheer shoepidity. As such, avoidance of these shoes may be helpful in order to prevent the negative effects of this condition. It also avoids the feeling of regret and the possible waste of money for buying shoes that you can barely walk in.

Believe it or not, there's a cure to shoepidity, and it finally arrives in Manila!

The cure: Heatwave Shoes, aka the sensible shoe, done up in style, quality and comfort, to accompany the woman in her everyday journeys.

Heatwave is a Singaporean footwear brand known for its comfortable, fashionable shoes made for its customers in hands-on, small scale production houses. The owners made it a point to craft each collection based on trends, practicality and comfort.  In fact, eight people work together to produce a single hand-crafted Heatwave pair. And that, my friend, is what you call quality with a human touch.

I've rounded up the best Heatwave shoes to complete your outfit. Browse through my favorite pairs, and then tell me you don't want a pair;

Each Heatwave pair is designed with simplicity and elegance in mind to give women something to look forward to. And that's a well-designed and high quality shoes they can keep for years.

Looking inward, while observing its design, form and function, Heatwave has a wide variety of shoes with versatile designs in classic colors, wearable for any events or occasion.

Known for its manageable heel lengths, it is elevated just enough to boost the wearer's height and confidence, without sacrificing comfort.

Inside and out, quality is both seen and felt, wherein flexible soles are made to be anti-slip, carefully crafted with rubber soles placing maximum support. It takes the pressure off and it's easy on the soles so it's perfect for all-day wear. It acts as a "shock absorber" so even though you're wearing heels, your feet won't be screaming by the end of the day.

No pinched toes here! 
In a nutshell: a classic pair of pointed-toe stiletto pumps is one of the most versatile and most worn items in a woman's closet. I so love the pretty two-tones and colourblock designs with great structures and unique cuts.

Check out these comfortable and fashionable wedges, in case you’re looking for an everyday shoes.

Skip 'em because they're "too strappy"? No way.

For a commuter chic who squeals over the newest, prettiest and comfiest shoes, these pairs are for you! These flats and loafers are flat out fabulous and they're definitely made for walking.

Why such a dedicated effort for quality? It's really the customer connection that Heatwave wants to sustain - a community of women who are sensible as they are stylish, like the Heatwave pairs they own.

Check out the photos from the exclusive launch of Heatwave Shoes held at Aruga by Rockwell yesterday.

And this is what happens when I get left unattended.. Tsk..

Well, there is nothing wrong with just feasting the eyes... then buying a pair or two, right?

So did I bring home any pair from Heatwave that day? Of course! I had an eye on this pair. You can't go wrong with a classic nude heels because it always looks elegant, matches my skin tone and they also make legs look longer.

Orange you glad this lovely Heatwave bag matches my hair color? I've been walking on these classic black heels for 5 hours already and they're still comfy! A pair of shoes that combines style + comfort. Yes, it exists! Trust me, these are the shoes you need, and can actually afford. The price range is Php1400- Php2300.

To top it all off, they also have a great selection of fabulous bags to mix and match with your outfit.

So get ready to satisfy your sartorial shoe and bag needs and live out the rest of your days free from all shoepidity. Heatwave Shoes will soon be available at and  look out for their first store at The Block in SM North Edsa.

For more deets, follow Heatwave on Instagram @heatwaveshoesph, @heatwaveshoes on Pinterest and like them on Facebook.


  1. I'm in love with the red pointed-toe stiletto pumps! Haaay, i'll add that to my wishlist as well as the wedges because they look so comfy and the saldals are great for everyday use. And oh, I love your outfit- really sophisticated!

  2. Here are my thoughts on shoepidity. I see a lot of girls who wear killer stilettos and walks like a duck. Wearing heels boosts height. It also helps to correct posture and makes the butt look sexier and legs longer.It should give you more confidence, not torture you.


Any comments, my dear?