Team Kramer Co-Creates Sniff and Cuddle Baby Cologne with Zen Zest

I received this incredibly cute package from Zen Zest and Team Kramer yesterday. And I can't help but sniff the sweet stench of the things inside it. Cuteness & sweetness overload!

It includes a pink, super soft and fluffy blanket, some edible sweets, and baby colognes from Sniff & Cuddle. I recently had the chance to try these colognes on my daughter, and she's already fascinated by the scent of the three variants. She regularly wants me to spray it to her so she can smell pretty.

Team Kramer teamed up with Zen Zest Asia, a pioneer fragrance company, and created a brand called Sniff & Cuddle Baby Cologne with the Scent of Baby Love. This is to address the need to keep babies and kids smelling fresh even if they are playing outside where they usually get that "amoy araw" or "amoy pawis" smell.

The whole range looks and smells amazing. It comes in the top three scents, lasts long and really keeps my little one smelling fresh all day. I love when my daughter comes home from school and I can still smell the scent of her baby cologne. When I sniff, it does feel like a warm cuddle in a bottle and it instantly brightens up my mood.

Also, it'd be equally good and appropriate as teen's or grown up's cologne. Actually,  I'm wearing the Incredible blue and feeling quite cuddly, too.

Did you know that these scents were created for each of the Kramer Kids? Check out the following hashtags;
  • STAR for #KendraSuperstar - It has a fresh, floral scent and it's perfect for my daughter.
  • DOLL for #ScarlettDoll - It has a sweet, fruity scent that I really love.
  • INCREDIBLE for #GavIncredible - Maia loves the clean, powdery scent.
Chesca Kramer always splashes some on her babies, Kendra, Star and Gavin. "As my babies become more active and play outdoors under the sun, I want them to still smell and feel like babies. Like all parents, I like sniffing and cuddling my kids so I refresh them with our baby cologne after play," says Chesca. "We thought of teaming up with Zen Zest to do create a baby cologne with us. I want my kids and other kids to grow up with a memorable, distinctive baby cologne, like our generation did growing up," she adds.

It is made with fragrance oils from France that keeps babies and kids fresh smelling all day long. Plus, it has Aloe & Oat Protein moisturizers that soothe and soften skin so yeah, it makes skin feels nice too!

So try a bottle of Sniff & Cuddle Baby Cologne for only P60.00. Smiles guaranteed! It's currently available in all Zen Zest outlets in malls, Boardwalk direct-selling dealers, on their website ( and soon, on supermarkets and personal care stores nationwide.

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Any comments, my dear?