I spent 6 years of my life playing with Barbies and I thought that in order to look pretty and sexy, you must look like a Barbie doll. However, as I grow up and reach the maturity level at the age of 34 (Thank God!) I realized that I don't have to spend the rest of my life trying to be one. Simply because having that hourglass figure like Barbie shouldn't be the ideal kind of "sexy" that a woman should strive for.

Every woman has the right to be sexy. Whether it's you, your teenage niece or grandma, everyone can definitely look sexy and feel comfortable and confident in her own skin. A woman can be comfortable, sexy and happy at any age.

No matter what a woman's personality is, she's bound to find sexiness in the hashtag #IDoItTwiceAWeek. This prompts the question, "What do you do 2x a week to keep you feeling clean and sexy?”

Well, I hardly have the chance to do something more than once, unless it's really good for me then I'll definitely do it twice or more. So there's this one thing that I do twice a week and it involves a product that I really love. Can you guess what specific brand of product I'm talking about?

To find out, check out the clues and photos below, all in my favorite Barbie and non-human form;

I bet these girls are also curious to know what makes me feeling clean and sexy...

Behold, my top clues.

Clue #1 I do it in the bathroom and more often than not, you can also find it there. Can you spot it? No? Look closely.

Clue #2 You can find it inside my bag. I always bring it whenever I go to the gym, or whenever we travel out of town.

Clue #3 You can find it in my shopping list. It protects me from itchiness, irritation and odor. It's definitely a #MustBuy and very affordable too!

Clue  #4 I use it at least twice a week, or everyday during my "red days." During this time when one is more prone to bacterial infection “down there,” it gives extra protection during red days and it prevents infection that may arise from monthly period.

Clue #5 Doing it twice a week gives me more freshness and confidence to enjoy some outdoor fun with my family and friends. It also allows me to travel more without having to worry about anything.

Have you guessed it already? I really love this product and I'm more than happy to share it with everyone. So, here it is...

Like Barbie, I love... (No, not Ken!) Betadine® Feminine Wash!

I use it at least twice a week (or everyday during red days) because I believe that, "Clean is the New Sexy”.  It's the doctor-trusted antiseptic feminine wash that protects women against feminine discomfort or irritation down there, which gives the dreaded un-sexy feeling.

BETADINE® Feminine Wash is Povidone Iodine 7.5% antiseptic feminine wash that protects from common germs that cause feminine discomfort. It’s known as the most prescribed product by Medical Doctors to mothers after giving birth, and it ranks number 3 in the Feminine Wash Category. Additionally, it’s number 1 in Liquid Anti Septic Feminine Wash Category.

The whole Barbie thing aside, I'm a living proof that Betadine Feminine Wash gives a worry-free mindset that comes from knowing your health and hygiene are well taken care of. Plus, I can testify that a woman can get an extra boost of freshness, confidence and sexiness by simply using it and having a feminine hygiene routine. Indeed, clean is the new sexy.

Now, it's time for a selfie with the girls.. Say "Sexy Clean!"

I'm no Barbie. I'm not perfect but I'm real.
Oh, and I do it twice a week with Betadine Feminine Wash... and that's what makes me different.
And here's another one at the photo booth, with the hashtags #IDoItTwiceAWeek  #SexyCleanRevolution  #BETADINEFeminineWash  The campaign, Sexy Clean Revolution, empowers women, reassuring them that they are not alone in their worries, and that a product to help them with their worries is readily available.

Still not convinced? Well, every day is a chance to take care of yourself and to live life to the fullest. Join the #SexyCleanRevolution and be your sexiest by staying clean down there, which means applying BETADINE® Feminine Wash twice a week. Because, a Barbie's got to do what a Barbie's got to do.

Try it! You're welcome. :)