Robinsons Supermarket, Happy at 30!

To commemorate 30 years of good service and excellent products, I joined Robinsons Supermarket's fun celebration held at its branch in The Forum (formerly Robinsons Pioneer) last Thursday.

Of course, it's more fun and exciting with my Fab Four Friends.
Not one, not two, but three decades of serving the Filipino family, Robinsons Supermarket celebrates with a series of activities for its loyal patrons to enjoy. Also, I really love how passionate they are in promoting health and wellness through the #ILoveWellness campaign.

Robinsons Supermarket opened its first branch at Cebu Fuente in 1985 and since then grew to 116 stores nationwide. More stores are expected to open within the year. Robinsons Supermarket step up its commitment to wellness by helping more Filipinos make healthier choices by easing access to healthier alternatives and making it as convenient as possible.

Robinsons Supermarket kickstarts its “30 Fresh Years” milestone celebration by launching a new health and wellness section format for Robinsons Supermarket Pioneer, sponsored by one of its trusted partners, Nestle Philippines. Sponsored booths directed towards good health were also made available for guests.

Ms. Angel Jacob hosted the event and she introduced some of the exciting promotions lined up for shoppers.  Ms. Aja Totanes gave us a fun guided tour to 5 different Wellness sections after the program.

Robinsons Supermarket's Executives were also there to grace the event. Oh, don't forget to check out the health & wellness apple-shaped section at Robinsons Forum! I love the "apple" concept. Brilliant, really!

I also got to try health and wellness booths plus other exciting booths of Robinsons Supermarket’s Family Fun Fair Promo. And here's the good news, guys...

This activity will run from August throughout September. Mall events will be held in selected branches, Robinsons Place Manila from August 28-30, Robinsons Place Malolos from September 4-6, and Robinsons Place Dumaguete from September 18-20.

The first stop? Heart On The Move station, where you have 3 minutes to finish the whole task which is to get fruits from the rack and place them in the blender. Then, you have to pedal and do some cardio (stationary biking, that is) to make the blender work. I was wearing a skirt so I just let my friend do the work for me. She did a great job because I enjoyed a refreshing glass of yummy watermelon shake. No sweat! Thanks Vix! :)

The next station was Dare To Touch where I had to place my hand inside five enclosed boxes, then I had to make a guess of each item inside. Easy peasy!

Except for the last one though! Good thing, she gave me a clue so I got them all correctly!

Next up, the Box Your Mind station. I had 15 seconds to memorize the images shown on the cardboard display. Then I had another 15 seconds to assemble the items on the table accordingly.

The next station was Discover Wellness station, a spelling-ish activity. You have to find all the balls with printed letters inside the bath tub to form the phrase, I Love Wellness, in just 60 seconds. And I must say that my friend, Rochelle, was pretty fast and good in spelling.

Last but not the least, we went to the Love Your Home station where you have to fold as may shirts possible in 2 minutes. After completing all five different wellness sections, I got a reward at the customer service section.

Surprisingly, I still had the energy to shoot hoops and then came the fun part... I was knocked out by Pacman! Yay!

So yeah, that's it! Simply visit each Wellness section and get a reward!

But wait, there's more...

Robinsons Rewards Card members get double the fun as they are entitled to amazing rewards and bonuses for the whole month of September. A special one day Thank You Day caravan will also start rolling come September, exclusive for members.

Plus, get a chance to win amazing prizes like Trip for 4 to Malaysia and other cool gadgets!

Join Robinsons Supermarket as it celebrates “30 Fresh Years”. To learn more about the activities and its wellness campaign its #ILoveWellness campaign, Like it on Facebook or visit its official website at

So if you're looking for a new and exciting way to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, try purchasing fresh and healthy produce at your nearest Robinsons Supermarket! Now, more than ever it is vital to live a healthy lifestyle so start your wellness journey now!



Any comments, my dear?