Growing Popularity Establishes Hi-5 Philippines as the Edutainment Program of this Generation

Roughly two months since its launch, Hi-5 Philippines is already winning the hearts of Filipino children nationwide with more tuning in to sing, dance and learn with them. The local adaptation of Australia’s favorite edutainment program is enjoying success with its steadily rising viewership rating.

The vibrant and youthful energy of Hi-5’s all-Filipino cast, as they engage children to learn while having fun through music and creative play, have captivated the little ones and their parents as well, gaining them a significant following.

The show is formatted to teach children five specific skill sets focusing on theme concepts like words, color, music and numbers. Each cast member heads a segment according to their specialties.

Fred, for one, hosts the Shapes in Space segment where he teaches children about spatial awareness. Meanwhile, Gerard stirs children’s musicality through the Making Music segment.

Another one is the Puzzles and Pattern segment of Alex, which helps kids develop skills in math and local thinking. This is perfectly complemented with Rissey’s Body Move segment that is all about physical development through dancing and exercising. Last but not the least, is Aira’s Word Play segment with the help of Hi-5’s resident chatterbox, Chats. In this segment they explore fun word games and learn about letters and pictures.

Hi-5 is in itself a remarkable brand that contributes to the development of children, accounting for the enormous success it has worldwide. And producing it locally with an all-Filipino cast, made the show more accessible and relatable to the nation’s young ones.

The show highlights good values and employs the universal themes of friendship, creativity and learning, making it an ideal platform for children to learn and discover fit role models in this time and age.

TV5 expects the show to steadily gain ground in the country as the edutainment program of this generation. Its popularity with the young viewers sends word that Hi-5 Philippines is here to stay and will continue to empower, stimulate and entertain children. Catch the Hi-5 magic on weekdays at 8:30 a.m., only on TV5.


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