ASUS Zenpower 10050mAh Power Bank Packs a Punch

What’s in my pocket? It's my new ASUS Zenpower 10050mAh Power Bank. :)

It's always good to have an extra power for my power hungry devices on the go. With the increasing number of Apps on mobile phones and with so many powerbanks that you can find in the stores left and right, finding the perfect one is just as important as finding the right outfit, especially if you don’t want to be carrying a super bulky one on a night out with friends, or probably with your date.

I love all things Asus! I say this with love and admiration for everything else Asus has done. 
Asus, a trusted brand in consumer electronics, has launched the world’s first credit card-sized power bank along with Asus Zenfone 2 smartphone series in the Philippine market recently. Check out the juicy details about this exciting event and my review of Asus Zenfone 2 in this post.

Now, let me tell you what's so special about this ASUS Zenpower power bank...

It has a power-packed 10050mAh capacity that is perfect for fully charging any device, and weighs no bigger than a credit card. This is perfect for those who are always out and about but still require an unfailing amount of battery power on their mobile devices. I'm quite impressed with its ergonomic design paired with hardware that packs a mean punch. The ASUS ZenPower started an exclusive sale in last June 25. The best part? You can grab this credit card sized Asus ZenPower Power bank for only P795!

What I love about the ASUS ZenPower;
  • Great aesthetics. Stylish and lightweight (215 g) with small-ish, compact design, about the same size as my credit card, fitting perfectly and seamlessly into my pocket.
  • Has a lot of extra large portable power sources; has high capacity (10,050 mAh)
  • It comes in 5 vivid colors; Blue, Black, Pink, Silver, and Gold. I got the gold one which I personally love.
  • Has a lot of safety features to prevent overcharging, short circuit or overheating of both the smartphone and the power bank.
  • Best solution for all urban lifestylistas who are always on the go.
  • Very affordable, SRP: Php795.
With the partnership of ASUS and Lazada Philippines, the superior quality and design of the ZenPower can now be experienced effortlessly through Lazada’s innovative shopping solutions. You can shop anywhere, and anytime with the Lazada Mobile App, available for FREE in both Google Play Store and iOSAppstore- so whether you are stuck in the traffic or in between meetings, you can still shop with the Lazada Mobile App. With Lazada’s nationwide Cash-on-Delivery network, you can pay in cash once the items are delivered to your doorstep.

So the next time you dig into your pockets, reach out for the ASUS Zenpower! Available in the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping Destination –!


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  1. Did you try using this power bank in your mobile phone? Nakakailang full charge po ang nabibigay ng powerbank na to?


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