Watch Jollibee's #BeedaSiTatay Video and Wish your Dad a Jolly Father’s Day

Since it's Father's Day this weekend, here is one Father's Day video to celebrate the bravest men in our lives who have held our hands, changed our diapers, fed us, taught us how to ride a bike, and maybe cried when we got married.

In this video, you'll laugh, you'll cry, but mostly you'll just be amazed that a video could put into words what every father wants to say to his daughter on her wedding day and even the days after that. It's a bit emotional but it's funny once you see the Chickenjoy. Press play to see why.

My favorite line?

"Ibinigay ko na nga sa 'yo ang kamay, ibalato mo na lang sa akin ang paa."

This is such a funny and heartwarming video. Do any of these moments remind you of your own dad? Well, I do! It made me cry and I couldn't help but reminisce my most endearing moments with my dad.

Oh, look! This, ladies and gentlemen, is what an awesome father looks like. 

And of all the walks I've taken together with my dad, my favorite was when we were walking down the aisle at my wedding. Indeed, it was a walk to remember. For some crazy reason, he was holding my hand really tight and I thought I'd see him cry for the first time. But it was the groom who cried or maybe, just maybe, my father was trying so hard not to cry.

But he was brave enough to let go and give my hand to this man...

I never thought my dad could look this sad. It may seem like he's the saddest person in the world in this photo but I know he was sincerely happy for me, because he's the most selfless and bravest man I've ever known. And believe me, you would have had to be someone as brave, loving and patient as my dad to have dealt with my crazy antics and ludicrous temper tantrums for so many years.

Now that Father's Day is just around the corner, it's time pull out all the big stops and surprises for our Superdads. Maybe a card or a wallet? A buffet or an epic food trip? Wait, where do Dads' hungry tummies go nga ba talaga on their special day?

Not sure if this photo could help but it might actually help you figure out what to buy for your #1 guy! :)

At our place, we're celebrating with a bucket of Chickenjoy because that's my dad's, as well as my hubby's, favorite food ever! Trust me, there's no better way than with a bucket of Chickenjoy at Jollibee.

Like father, like daughter! So I'm not surprised that they both love Jollibee! This proves that eating Chickenjoy, is in fact, hereditary. :) My hubby is such a fun, risk-taking and loving dad too, that's why Maia and I decided to give him a special Jollibee treat to let him know just how special he is.

So here's a jolly Father's Day greetings to the amazing father of my daughter, to my dad and my father-in-law, my brother (now a dad) and to all the brave men building happy families and taking on this tough job called fatherhood like real men!

God bless these fathers. Would we (or our kids) ever learn how to ride a bike, be brave enough and take risks without them? They are like real-life superheroes!

This coming Father's Day, surprise your dad and send him some love before the week ends! Drop by any Jollibee store and get a bucket of Chickenjoy for him! ‪Share your #BeedaSiTatay moments, post your selfies online and use the hashtag #BeedaSiTatay.  Don't forget to follow @jollibee on Twitter & Instagram. :)

Have a Jolly Father’s Day to all dads out there!

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