Tuition Fees at Grade Schools in Manila for SY 2015-2016

Tuition-free school? Yes please! Money doesn't grow on trees and if there's a campaign for free education for all, I would be more than willing to support every effort to turn the word tuition fee to tuition free and to have it funded by the government. I did the Math though, and in the Philippines, it's not happening. Not intended to be an insult but it's next to impossible, and it's simply a cold harsh reality. Awful, really.

Education is a big investment. The tuition or amount of money parents have to pay is no joke. Aside from having an out-of-money experience after enrollment, parents are hoping that the mind-boggling five- or six-figure tuition wouldn't add more pressure to the desire to provide the best education to their kids. I would have to say though, that the tuition rates will always be one of the major deciding factors to consider for moms like me. Some of the factors include the safety and security, the curriculum or program that the school offers, the proximity, the facility, etc.

Every year, there's a tuition fee increase in most schools and it's getting more costly to send our kids to good schools. So, just in case you're wondering what the cost of tuition is at grade schools today, I gathered some data from moms online (Moms Inc., FemaleNetwork) so that we can have an overview of the current tuition fee rates and to know how much does quality education cost in primary schools in Manila, QC, Paranaque and some parts of Rizal.

Below is the list of some of  elementary schools plus its tuition and other fees in the Grade School Levels for S.Y. 2015-2016;

Everest School Manila, Grade 10, TF Php363,275 plus one time matriculation fee Php46,750
Southville International School, TF Php149,000 exclusive of books
Ateneo Grade School, TF Php120,000
Miriam College, Grade 1, TF Php106,000
O.B. Montessori Center Greenhills, Grade 2, TF Php101,000 plus Php2,100 for books
Jubilee Christian Academy Quezon City, Grade 1, TF Php75,790
Integrated Montessori Center Guadalupe TF Php68,000 plus Php11,400 for books
Lourdes School of Quezon City, Grade 2, TF Php59,000 plus Php4,000 for books
Pasig Green Pasture Christian School, Grade 6, Php58,500 plus Php6,500 for books
St. John Paul Academy Paranaque, Grade 1,  Tuition fee Php52,000 plus Php6,000 for books
San Sebastian College Manila,  Grade 3.  Tuition fee Php50,000+
Maria Montessori Christian Academy Tuition fee Php45,000
St. Mary's Caloocan,  Tuition fee Php45,000
Marian School of  Quezon City, Grade 5, Tuition fee Php38,305 pesos plus Php6000 for books
St. Dominic Montessori de Manila, Grade 4, Tuition fee  Php38,000  w/ books
International Baptist College Mandaluyong TF Php37,600
St. Louis College Valenzuela, Grade 1, Tuition fee  Php28,000 plus Php 5080 for books
St. John Catholic School, Php25,000 inclusive of books, uniform, etc.
Infant Jesus Learning Academy, Grade 3, Tuition fee Php24,300 plus Php4,900 for books
Mary Immaculate School Paranaque, Grade 2 Tuition fee Php23000 plus 4400 for books
St. John The Baptist Parochial School Taytay Tuition fee Php22,230 plus Php3,000 for books
Lords Jewel Christian School, Taytay Rizal, Grade 2, Tuition fee Php20,000, plus 5,720 for books

When it comes to tuition and other fees in private schools, parents must be ready for a bigger budget since the tuition fee on private schools is way higher than that of a public school; while the tuition fee on most progressive schools is twice than that of a traditional school. However, for some schools, non-tuition fees hide the real cost of private education, and that's another issue that parents should look at.

Also, as our kids move up in grade school, the academics get more and more complex. Actually, it is far more crucial academically than we might think. So, as a mom, we need to make sure they get the proper nutrition to help them excel in school. It is mother's instinct to protect our kids from sickness and malnutrition.  It's mine as well.

Feel free to leave a comment below on how much is your child's tuition fee and his/her school so I can add it to my list.

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