Mother's Day 2015: My Most Embarrassing MOMents with my Mom

Mother's day is a time to thank your mom for all the wonderful things she's done for you. It is also a time to reminisce on the many times she has embarrassed you. Or, on the flip side, that awkward moment when your mom did something that made you feel downright mortified.

We all have one (or perhaps a lot) embarrassing MOM-ent. As far as life's embarrassing moments go, I have a few on my list and some of them still haunt me. :)

Actually, my mom's been jonesing for a little "get-together" with the whole fam bam to celebrate my birthday and Mother's Day on Sunday. However, when I think of family reunions and get-togethers, I remember the time when my mom used to embarrass me as a kid.

So here's a few embarrassing moments courtesy of my brutally honest mom. :)

My mom has a good record on constantly mispronouncing people's names, and insisting on coming into the party to pick me up. She once approached someone from an event in our school who's a bit overweight and she gave her a big "Congratulations!" for being pregnant. Apparently, she wasn't pregnant and she left quite an impression while I, on the other hand, red-faced and clearly mortified, looked the other way and pretended I didn't hear it.

Also, I still can't forget that awkward moment in a family reunion when mom brought up one embarrassing childhood stories after another, that I do not wish to be reminded of. Unfortunately, no amount of sarcasm can protect me from my mom's series of amazing stories. There is no defense. Still, it gave everyone a good laugh and people adored her crazy, gorgeous, wonderful ( but also sometimes quite weird but still very lovely) personality.

I still love her though because she knows all the embarrassing moments in my life. Even that moment when she talked about how I ate my poop when I was a baby. Yes, even to my crush! Eew! A bit graphic and too much info though, and that left me blushing with embarrassment the whole day. My mom should have been born with a warning label so I can click the mute button whenever she talks about her favorite "poop" stories.

When I was at Grade 3 and she heard someone bullied me in school, she talked to my teacher and the other kid's parents. I didn't know how she found out about that but there's one thing I've learned though. A worried mother does better research than FBI.

She's the groovy type of mom. At the age of 60, she still sings and dances like nobody's watching. She even takes "selfies" and she's mighty proud of it. Even when there's some people staring at her, she doesn't care at all. She's rarely boring and predictable. She's not going to sit around doing nothing and she talks a lot in her adorable Bisaya accent!

Sometimes, she drives me and my sister crazy but it's a good thing we never suffered from our mom's insanity. Actually, we all seem to enjoy it, and we love her to insanity and beyond! Even when she's old and grey, she won't be able to sing and dance like before, but I'll still love her because she has taught me that thing called "YOLO" ( Translation: You Only Live Once) and how important it is to live life to the fullest.

I also remembered that walk of shame at the toy store when I had to put something back because mom says "No". That moment taught me the following things;

Logic - "Why?"
"Because I said so."
Anticipation - "You are going to get it. Just wait 'til it's your birthday."
Patience - "I'll buy you a toy if you'll sit there until you finish eating your food."
Medical science - "If you don't stop crying and rolling your eyes, they're going to look that way forever."
Wisdom - "When you get to be a mom, you'll understand."

And I did. Now, I understand. More often than not, it's moms that are doing the embarrassing things with their kids... because, well, that's just what moms do. They're older, less inhibited, and quite frankly, they don't care what others think. Sometimes it's meant to give a good laugh and sometimes it's to teach a lesson.

Lesson learned, mom. Loud and clear.

I learned that the times I'm supposed to be embarrassed about in the past have nothing innately embarrassing about them at all. Now that I'm also a mom, I understand why she did all of those things. Actually, I don't know what's scarier.. that my daughter is starting to act like me or that I am starting to act like my mom. Truth is, it's a small price to pay for having someone who does the work of twenty. For free! (See also saint, cray-cray, angel, superhero.)

So now and forever, I will simply enjoy every single moment with my mom. The good, the bad, the embarrassing, the beautiful, the ugly, the awkward, the inspiring moments and thank God through it all.

To celebrate Mother's Day and my birthday, I will surprise her with a special gift and I'll complete the treat with a get-together at our favorite place, Jollibee. It's such a great timing because I've heard about Jollibee Chickenjoy’s price rollback.  Now, it's so much easier to treat our moms and the whole family because of the cheaper price.

We can enjoy big savings on our favorite langhap-sarap pair with Jollibee Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti, now made more affordable:

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Remember that sometimes all you need is sixty seconds of insane moment. Just literally 60 seconds of just a single embarrassing moment with your mom. And I promise you, something great will come out of it.

And like most people celebrating on Mother's Day, I do not remember days, I remember MOMents.

Happy Mother's Day to my mum and to all the beautiful mommies out there!



Any comments, my dear?