Jollibee Celebrates Mother's Day with #BeedaSiNanay Video

Mother's Day is coming up real fast. So, what are you planning to give to the hero or "Beeda" of your life on her special day? Back away from the corny Hallmark cards, overpriced flowers or super sweet chocolates that could send your mom closer to pre-diabetes. If not a well-deserved Mother's Day dinner, maybe Jollibee's new video or a delicious Chickenjoy treat will suffice. You know, ones that will actually make her (tummy) happy.

Have you seen the video? Well, you should! Because if it doesn't make you reminisce the most embarrassing yet endearing moments with your mom, I don't know what will.


The video tells the story of a truly amazing mother and son who are actually real life mom and son.
It's a very touching video and I can easily relate to the story because I also have a list of embarrassing moments with my mom. Take a peek at my previous post about my greatest teacher, my brutally honest critic, my loyal stalker/ auto-liker on Facebook, my cheapest therapist and my second least embarrassing parent (dad being the 1st) a.k.a my mom. :)

Moms deserve a special treat because being a mom is the toughest job in the world and they do it all for free. For those years of wiping your bum, changing diapers and stuff, and enduring the torture of your adolescent years, the least you can do is to give her a gift on her special day. There are literally thousands of options to choose from for Mother's Day gifts.

Well, I went ahead and picked out the best Mothers' Day gift for you, so you can thank me later. I found out about the new affordelicious treat from Jollibee, and if your mom loves Chickenjoy too why not send her a bucket and you'll even get big savings!

Check them out and don’t forget to send your mom some love before Mother's Day ends! Post your selfies online and use the hashtag #BeedaSiNanay

Have a Jolly Mother's Day to all mamas, grandmamas, great-grandmamas, stepmamas, single mamas, all the mamas working more than one job, and mamas all over the world. :)



Any comments, my dear?