Kamillosan M Spray: Sore Throat Cure That Party Hosts Can't Live Without

While I was covering a kiddie party event at Magnolia Place last weekend, I caught up with the multi-talented host/magician, Alex Lagula, who is also the past president and immediate past Chairman of the Board of the Inner Magic Club (IMC). He is also one of the Philippines' finest and best party hosts/magicians in the country today.

Only in the Philippines can one host a Frozen-themed party in the scorching hot summer, so Alex made his way north and did just that, giving the audience his signature whimsy and magical performance.
The difference in his hosting and performance though lies in his endearing quirkiness and his handsome and adorably funny face that launch a thousand (and then some!) shriek of laughter. He is never short of brilliant ideas and funny antics to dazzle the crowd. He is adept at entertaining both young and old, who could easily get connected with his spunk and artistic approach instantly. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, there are so many things he does that we can all look at and admire.

After the party, we had a little chat as I was trying to get some pro pointers on entertaining, while other guests smuggled Olaf balloons - always the sign of a good time. Without further ado, here's the Q&A session;

Q: What is the secret to being a great party host and magician?

Alex Lagula:  The secret is you really have to love what you're doing. In my case we love making kids/adults alike laugh and I love the art of doing magic. Even when I was a lot younger whenever we have family gatherings, all my little cousins would cuddle up to me, make some small pocket magic and I'll make them burst with laughter and I would laugh with them as well. I really enjoyed that! I guess I carried that over well into my adulthood. And into my being a party host/magician. I heard one client blurt out to me that it was like they were watching a really funny sitcom. Everybody was in on the fun. Me, my my assistants and the audience.

Q: I know your job requires speaking a lot and it's no easy feat for someone like you who use your voice as an investment. How important is your voice in your line of work?

Alex: My voice is one of the most important, if not the most important thing in my profession. Having a good clear voice sets the mood for my show. I cannot rely on my facial expressions and sound effects alone. I have to be able to deliver the punchlines clear so that my audience will react accordingly. So, voice is really important.

Q: I'm sure it would be a nightmare to lose your voice or get a nasty case of sore throat. What is your foolproof sore throat remedy that you can share to avoid this from happening?

Alex: Yes, I do experience sore throat from time to time. It's something that we (host magicians) really avoid. But if it does, I use mouthwash or oral hygiene products. Well that was before I discovered Kamillosan. It was introduced to me by a fellow magician a few years ago. And it's helped me a lot! I normally use it. It's always in our medicine cabinet. We never run out of it. In fact, it's the only sore throat cure that we use now.

Q: I've heard that Kamillosan is very effective but have you tried other sore throat remedy before that didn't work? How would you compare it with Kamillosan?

Alex: In the old days, my mom taught us to use gargling with warm water with salt treat my sore throat with gargling warm water with salt. The taste was not good. Never liked it. And sad to say it didn't really work with me. Little or no effect. Tried it several times. But to no avail. I've been using Kamillosan for a long time now. It really works!

In his experience, Kamillosan is much more effective than simply gargling mouthwash or warm water with salt to treat an irritated throat. There are times when you'd get itchy, scratchy throat that doesn't seem to be relieved just by clearing the throat or by gargling. Sore throat is painful and itchy, the painful part is easy to cure and relieve but the itchiness always goes back.

It sure beats any other sore throat remedy. When gargling water with salt, you have to wait a while, which seems like forever, before it starts working, but with Kamillosan M spray, you get immediate results! As soon as you spray it, you get instant relief. It is comforting to know that you can have instant relief whenever your throat hurts from too much speaking.

Kamillosan M Spray is a proven and effective way to cure sore throat. It's the one and only clinically proven, natural throat spray prescribed by doctors. It has natural ingredients that help reduce inflammation and the spread of virus on your mouth and throat. 

Alex was very pleased with the product and he also recommended it to me. So, I immediately decided to keep one in my bag to bring with me every day. Now, I can say goodbye to sore throat, tonsil inflammation and canker sores!

Have you ever tried Kamillosan M Spray for your sore throat? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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For those who are asking about Alex Lagula's contact numbers. Here you go... Globe number 09175379125, Suncell 09228184658, Landline 3463887.



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