Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Fujidenzo Sterilizers

Are you an OC mom? By OC I mean, a common term used to describe a very organized and meticulous mom, not to be confused with the clinical obsessive-compulsive disorder. When it comes to shopping for items for an OC mom's home and business, it takes great design, impressive features, a trusted brand name, and affordability to totally convince consumers on which products to get for their home, especially with today’s highly-competitive market.

Always abreast with its target market’s changing needs, Fujidenzo is a well-known brand that consistently comes out with exciting products that are always on point in addressing every homemaker’s and business’ needs. Whether it’s for a young homemaker or a growing family, Fujidenzo makes it a point to offer customers the best options for their home.

It’s a must for anyone to keep their home in tip, top, shape, especially when there are small children around. Everything must be neat and orderly to avoid any home mishaps. Aside from keeping everything in its proper place, one’s home should also be clean – especially tableware, which are used for eating.

As such, Fujidenzo’s Tableware Sterilizers are perfect to keep every homemaker at ease, as they are assured that their tableware are always safe and clean to use even by their youngest children or guests. It is very ideal for families with babies, elderly people, sick patients, and all health-conscious individuals.

 Designed as a storage unit to help keep tableware organized as well, Fujidenzo’s Tableware Sterilizers are built to last for a long time with 3,000 hours of Far Infrared Lamp Light or 180,000 minutes of usage – normal sterilizers only offer 1,000 hours of life. It kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses, and germs in just 20 minutes, making it perfect for sterilizing kitchen utensils, plates, spoons, and forks. Another highlight is its durability, thanks to its heavy-duty design and anti-deformation structure which has been equipped with a tempered glass door for an elegant finish.

Prices range from P4500 to P17,000 depending on the size.

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  1. All the micro organism are kill in the sterilization process in 10 seconds by glass bead sterilizers.

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  3. Is this safe for baby feeding bottle


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