Experience the Luxury at Thai Royale Spa

Luxury need not be expensive. It's increasingly about exclusive hospitality, value for money and great service.  Recently, I found the perfect place to treat myself to a luxurious spa break at a very affordable price at the Boni Mandaluyong branch of Thai Royale Spa.

Well, I'm pretty sure you know that Mandaluyong is dotted with the busiest joints but I spotted this place where I can rest my body and soul while spoiling myself with a much needed body massage.

Thai Royale Spa (Mandaluyong branch) nestles in a haven of tranquility at the 2nd level of Chowking Bldg. along Boni Avenue, which is just a 3-minute ride from our house.
Thai Royale Spa has created a prefect harmony of luxury, warmth, and great ambiance highlighted by friendly staff.  I guess anyone used to Mandaluyong's urban facade and busy lifestyle will find themselves slightly disoriented yet amazingly relaxed at Thai Royale Spa.

Once you walk through its narrow maze-like hallway that seems like a hallway to heaven, you will be pleased by the relaxing music and scent of essential oils as though you’ve just been transported into another place. There’s also an abundance of rustic charm with its “close-to-nature” feel.

I was pampered the moment I step in and I personally love the foot wash area. The therapist started by washing my feet in warm water, then she put my sandals in a basket and gave me a pair of slippers. 

Then I was tucked away in one of the curtained cubicles with low beds. The therapist instantly worked her magic. My time inside this room was spent indulging with the 60-min. whole body massage. Surprisingly, I'm very ticklish but I really enjoyed every minute of it.

Oh, and that moment when the masseuse found the “lamig” on my back. Yay! Spot on! :) The pressure that she applied was perfect and she's extremely skilled.

Also, she was very thorough and knowledgeable, as well as very friendly and welcoming. She never got too intimate or ask too many questions. After the massage, I felt like I was cocooned from the outside world and she offered an after treatment beverage from a selection of iced and hot tea, served with a hot towel.

The prices were really affordable. Imagine pampering yourself from head to foot, making you feel like royalty. Truly a massage fit for a King or Queen, it is an invigorating, rejuvenating treatment that will gently buff your royal skin cells to promote wellness, skin renewal and even skin tone. And as for me, it was amazing. It was pure bliss. Seriously the most relaxing 120 minutes of my life! It was quite surprising to realize how much tension there was and it tipped me over the edge into a state of unconsciousness. For a moment, I felt like I never ever ever ever want to leave this place. :)

Oh well, it would be very easy for me to keep rambling all day about all the great things at Thai Royale Spa. But believe me, the longer you are there, the more wonderful things you experience. :) The complimentary drinks(iced tea/hot tea), the essential oils, the peaceful ambiance and the impeccable service. But I guess these are all reasons for you to go and try it out for yourself.

So if you’re looking to wind down after a stressful week and escape the hustle and bustle of the city, you’d be surprised at what Thai Royale Spa has to offer. Just take a moment to enjoy some downtime and go get yourself the royal treatment you deserve!

Good news!

Thai Royale Spa is  now open for franchising, now with 25 branches and counting. For inquiries and reservations, call (02) 576 3730/ (0915) 194 8975 / 09173225283

Visit their website;  http://www.thairoyalespa.com or Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/thairoyalespa888/
Follow them on Twitter: @thairoyalespa Instagram: thairoyalespa

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