Party On in the Amazon: Aiden Xander's Rio Themed Birthday Party

Does your child love the Rio movie? I cannot stress how much my daughter loves this movie and  she loves the part when Nigel the Cockatoo sings the "I Will Survive" parody.

To be honest, I'm not sure what makes it so appealing to everyone. I guess it's the connection about creating & finding your family. Some kids love the movie so much they wanted to have a Rio-themed party.

Talk about stating the obvious, the #1 purpose of a birthday party is for your kiddo to know that they are special and truly loved. And when your kid wanted a party based on the movie they love, it's important for parents to deliver.

So I wanted to give you some inspiration for a Rio themed party, because the kids will be asking... I just know it.

I'm delighted to share this colorful and vibrant party by one of our lovely clients at Shuttercount. It was like Rio and the Amazon rainforest came to life. And I bet you'll certainly fly off like Blu with some amazing party ideas after looking at this post.

Xander's parents were able to deliver a fun and happy Rio-themed party that will just blow you away, and they pulled it off beautifully.  Everything was just perfect and soooo cute!

I love the bright tropical “Carnival party” feel that Rio is well known for. The place was packed with so many amazing props and decorative elements for the centerpiece like carnival masks and a birdcage with fresh tropical flowers inside. A tablecloth with  tropical palm trees was also used for the linen.

Drool meets cool at Xander's Sweet Treats with this drool-worthy and delectable range of cupcakes, including cake pops and some very cute Blu-inspired cookies. The backdrop of tropical leaves out of fresh palm trees was styled using fresh tropical flowers that framed the dessert table. Nicely done!

As favors, the kids took home these cute wooden stools and colorful flip-flops that they can rock out Rio style!

The wooden bird ornament was a nice touch too, don’t you think? The kids were so enamored with these colorful sugar cookies that they didn’t bother to break it.

Another nice addition was the photo wall area of Xander's framed photos from newborn until 11 months and some awesome family pictures.

Plus a soccer ball, representing the country’s most popular sport! 

Art attack! There were exciting and fun art activities for the kids at the Art Station, where they can  paint their clay pots or design their own flip-flops with ribbons and tropical flowers. And of course, they got to take them home as part of their party favors. That was a big hit! 

Personally, I love the giant Rio-themed cake with the celebrant's name. This multi-layered cake was simply amazing! Each layer was decorated in bright and vibrant colors, with a variety of embellishments including tropical flowers and the animated characters from the movie that were brilliantly brought to life in fondant form!

For the kids and adults' entertainment, there was a magic show complete with some amazing exhibition of wild and exotic animals like parrots, snakes, lizards, squirrel and a lot more. That, plus some Samba music playing in the background. Just perf.

Wait until you see the snake. :)

Check out the Same Day Edit video to see the highlights of the party.

Big thanks to Xander's Mom and Dad for giving us the chance to be a part of this incredibly fun and festive party.

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant
Party Host / Magician: Apollo
Event Stylist: Party Please
Photo Credits: Shutter Count

If you are planning a Rio themed party and if you have any more ideas that you wanna share, leave them in the comments below. Have fun and party on!



  1. Super cute party! I hope I had one when I was younger. :) I bet the kids really enjoyed the party. So colorful

  2. grabe super awesome un party close to nature. ganda ng theme and everything..

  3. nice, this is really an awesome idea. my kid adores the movie rio so i am sure she would love this theme as well.

  4. cute. my nieces love rio and maybe we can copy some ideas from your party:D

  5. i like the theme of the party it is very nice especially for the kids they enjoy seeing the animals roar :)

  6. i like the theme,very cute and unique

  7. wow, nice them. Ganda sa paningin.


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