CaliBurger: Chef Rob Pengson's Smokehouse Burgers Are Exactly As Smokin' Hot As They Sound

From the sunny paradise and land of dreams that is the Golden State of California, comes a burger that is bound to bring out your inner Californian spirit and lifestyle. CaliBurger opened its doors last February 2014 and has been serving "Always Fresh" and mouth-watering premium burgers that are made only from the purest and freshest ingredients.

This week, CaliBurger rolled out its latest creation: a so-called Chef's Choice Smokehouse Burger that might finally (and undeniably) mark the end of one's fascination with all things smoked. Dubbed as the "Rolls Royce of burgers" that is crafted by Chef Rob Pengson, one of the country's most respected chefs, (and quite handsome, if I may add) this thing of beauty will absolutely take you on a wild ride through the All-American countryside.

"I wanted to create a unique burger that completely whets your appetite, something fragrant and that goes well with an ice cold beer," explains Chef Rob.

First impression? You can tell when food is good when the chatter ceases and you sit in silence. It's a thick, hearty portion of 100% pure beef patty that is enveloped in delicious smokey bacon and crispy spiced onion rings topped with a unique maple-mustard sauce.  And yes, it's as smokin' hot as it sounds!

The Smokehouse Burger is available in single patty (P235 ala carte/ P315 as a meal ) or double patty (P325 ala carte and P405 as a meal) servings. The serving size is huge so plan accordingly.

And you have to try it real soon because it'll be a limited edition offering in both branches from November 17 to December 17, 2014 only. So try it. Make the effort. I'm ridiculously glad I did.

 Although you’ll be hard pressed to order anything but a burger, you  have to wander into some of the yummy dishes in their menu. Try the Cali Sweet Wings, french fries or the onion rings (my daughter's favorite) and the cucumber juice. I like the fact that the everything is freshly cooked and that the burgers aren't even made until you order.

There are many exciting activities such as Cali Quiz Nights at the Timog branch every 3rd Wednesday of the month, Mincraft Tournaments, live NBA viewing, as well as private party packages at Century City Mall. Many things are also in the pipeline such as new menu items that are worth breaking that diet for,

With Chef Rob Pengson
For more deets about CaliBurger and their offerings, you visit their stores located at Timog Ave. or Century City Mall in Makati. Like them on Facebook or follow @CaliBurgerPH on Instagram and Twitter.



  1. Gwapo naman ni Chef Rob. :) The burger looks good and its affordable naman. So might try it this weekend. :)

  2. gwapo ni chef! burger looks so yummy kakagutom haha..

  3. I love burgers and onions rings! it really looks yummy! yay!


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