Join Quake Overload's Be the First in the Craze Photo Challenge

It’s Quake Overload Wednesday! Wondering what's making me CRAZY INTENSE with excitement? 

This November, capture crazy intense moments for a chance to win amazing gadgets and prizes in Quake Overload’s “Be the First in the Craze!” photo challenge.

Check out the mechanics on how to join:

Each week, there will be one challenge with two photo tasks. Winners of the weekly challenges will take home an Instax Mini 8 to capture their daily intense moments, and a CRAZY treat from Quake Overload!

To join, visit the Quake Overload at their Facebook page and follow these two simple steps:

  • Take photos of yourself doing the week’s Craze challenge as intense as you can. Don’t forget to follow all the specifics! 
  • Then, submit your entries by uploading your photos in the comment box of the challenge post. The first person to complete the weekly challenge correctly, wins! It’s that easy!

So don’t miss the chance to race and be the FIRST IN THE CRAZE! For more information, visit the Quake Overload Facebook page at

Good luck and have a deliciously CRAZY INTENSE day! :)



  1. Whooooo....hope that challenges will just be for fun and enjoyment! Goodluck to those who will be joining!

  2. I so wanted to join but I'm too shy. :) Maybe I'll let my brother join the contest. I super love eating quake because aside from being delicious, it really satisfy my cravings or sometimes my hunger. :)

  3. Have you heard about the Quake Overload Black forest? I saw one at ( last week and then, I've checked it earlier and It's still there. Can't wait to try it!

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  5. Joining Quake Overload's "Be the First in the Craze" Photo Challenge is incredible opportunity to unleash your creativity and showcase your photography skills. 10 Hints You Are New To Photography It's thrilling experience that pushes boundaries and encourages participants to capture in the most captivating way possible.


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