Ipanema Opens its First Exclusive Store in Rustan’s Makati

Rainy season is creeping in, meaning more rains and flash floods. Though it's weirdly warm and windy this morning. But what better way to wear in both hot and rainy weather than a pair of fashionable and ultra comfy Ipanema flip flops?

Love wedges? Check out Ipanema Sidewalk Fem! A higher heel makes it perfect for more elegant and dressier styles!
Ipanema, the world-renowned maker of high-fashion flip flops, opened its one-stop footwear shop in Rustan’s Makati, with the promise of bringing Brazilian glamour to Filipinos. Also, Ipanema lovers have even more reason to celebrate as it launches its latest collection.

Did you know that Ipanema's flip flops are made  from 100% recyclable PVC (yep, the same stuff  used in making pipes) a material that may be recycled again and again, meaning there is virtually no waste!

Aside from being eco-friendly, I personally love the stylish and exquisite designs plus the soles and thong straps that are really soft & comfy. The feel is definitely different from when I’m wearing other brands. Ipanema sort of hugs your soles and seems like they are tailored to the shape of a foot, unlike other flip flops, which are flat. So far, my Ipanema flip flops have held up and are easy to clean.

“Who said that flip flops are only trendy during the summer time?” asked Mr. Francisco Elizalde, Managing Director of ELRO Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Ipanema in the Philippines. “At Ipanema, our footwear is designed to complement your daily ensemble—they look good and functional whether you’re walking on the beach or the city.”

 Rustan’s was a strategic choice for iPanema because the mall has been an established distributor of high-quality products and a promising retailer for five decades.

“We feel this is the perfect time to roll out the brand’s first store,” remarked Mr. Elizalde. “Rustan’s has given us this opportunity, and we know that we could better serve our customers if we give them more options to choose from, and a larger and more comfortable place to fit their footwear.”

Ipanema Charme Glam Fem ( Php 1295)
Ipanema Charme Glam Fem is simple yet elegant with its soft and slim cross over straps and stones embellished on it, as well as the textured outsole that presents class and comfort. This is great for all-day wear.

Ipanema Virtraux Fem gives accent to your sexy feet! It has adjustable button closure to strap so you can move freely but stay classy. This is perfect for girls on the go.

With Ipanema’s latest footwear designs, you don’t have to choose one over the other. This type of footwear is not just meant for functional comfort; rather, it serves to stylize a wide variety of outfits. There are sizes for adults, kids and  even babies! The Mom and daughter collection is the perfect combo for those mommy and me days! I'm sure my daughter will look adorable in them and the colors are bold and playful.

Mr. Elizalde concludes: “Our classic latest designs are flexible in terms of style—meaning they can easily complement whatever you want to wear. Because Ipanema is known for its quality, design and functionality, it is ideal for us to set up an exclusive store in Manila where a lot of Filipinos are known to be creatively fashionable.”

Ipanema V.I.P Kit 
So happy I got this Ipanema V.I.P. Kit, complete with all the Ipanema-branded necessities any girl would need to survive the hectic week, such as an inflatable neck pillow, a pair of socks, sleeping eye mask, compact mirror with hair brush, and of course flip flops, establishing itself as a must-have this rainy season. I really love the Ipanema gold flip flops. This is currently my favorite pair of fancy flip flops that can easily be mistaken for treasure! :) 
Be fashionable in this drab rainy weather and treat your feet with a pair of fashionable and ultra-comfy Ipanema flip flops. Have you worn a pair of Ipanema flip flops, too? Let me know what you think. 

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