Say “Yes” to a Beautiful Change at HBC's National Makeover Day

Beauty is a right and in order for us to embody beauty in our lives, we need to celebrate it.  But that one thing that replenishes beauty is change. And by change, I mean a beautiful change.

As for me, I experienced a beautiful change when I became a mom. It wasn't just a change in look but also a change of outlook in life. It was an affirmation of a beautiful transformation wherein my daughter has made me a better and more beautiful person, inside and out. 

When you became a mom, you expect a multitude of changes; a new body, less "me time" and less sleep. (And you just get used to it.) But what you may not anticipate is all the ways motherhood changes you from the inside. I experienced a lot of changes when I became a mom. It's not easy. It hurts. And most of all, it's beautiful, amazing and better than anything I have experienced before.

My daughter has transformed me into a better person, and being a mom has changed me in so many ways;
  • I am more outspoken. From being a girl who could never talk above a whisper, I've learned to find my own voice. By learning to speak up for my kid, I also learned to speak up for myself.
  • I am stronger and wiser. When I was single, I do not care about anyone else, doing what I want however stupid my actions were. Now, my main concern is how my actions will affect my kid. I always have to think twice, once for myself and once for my daughter. And yes, that includes buying terno/matching dresses too! :)
  • At the age of 33, I feel healthier and more fit than ever before.  I am more mature and more committed to living a happy and healthy life so that I could be a good role model to my daughter.  At first, I never thought of taking steps to stay fit and healthy until I had a kid who depends on me on showing her how to live her own life. She needs me to learn how to grow and handle things gracefully.
  • I have a more positive outlook in life. Life is too short to be unhappy and be surrounded by negative people with negative minds. I've learned that the less you care about what others think and say, the happier & more positive you'll be.
  • Lastly (and surprisingly) my self confidence has improved. Now, I can post #OOTDs, wear red lipstick or wear a striped crop top over a striped skirt because why not? Sometimes, one stripe just isn't enough. At the same time, I also learned to be humble. Simply because confidence without humility is arrogance.

We see these changes everyday in the form of growth. Plants sprout from the earth, flowers come in full bloom, and people mature with grace. This year, change takes on the premiere responsibility of transforming a nation into a more free world view—where beauty is a right, and the transformative effects of change can be enjoyed by everyone.

That being said, HBC is mounting the country’s first-ever National Makeover Day on June 12, 2014 at TriNoma Activity Grounds and in all HBC stores nationwide, to celebrate and affirm the beautiful transformation of Filipinas who will begin to embrace their beauty by saying “Yes” to a beautiful change!
“Everyone is invited to say “Yes” to a Beautiful Change on June 12. This is the first in the Philippines.

“As an innovative world-class retailer of beauty and personal care products and services, we believe in giving every customer the right to be beautiful. This vision is the core reason why we make sure that our products and free services are fit for all the needs of a Filipina in order for her to feel beautiful, and are affordable enough for anyone to avail of,” Dreiann Ablaza, Customer Lifecycle Management Manager.

By joining the National Makeover Day event, you would walk away with your perfect selfie look, skincare routine, and secrets to confidence as takeaways.

There will be free services such as facial, diamond peel, hot oil treatment, hair color application and foot spa will also be readily available during the event. So please visit our HBC stores on June 12, or if you are in Quezon City, celebrate with us at the TriNoma Activity Center,” Dreiann Ablaza said.

If in fairy tales, damsels are aided by a fairy godmother; at the National Makeover Day, ladies and gents who will say Yes to a Beautiful Change at the Trinoma Activity Center will have the likes of Ms. Philippines-Universe 2011 beauty queen Shamcey Supsup and supermodel and professional image consultant Abbygale Aranas-De Leon to help begin the beautiful transformation. There will also be other surprise celebrities to grace the event.

With my beautiful sisters at HBC's launch of National Makeover Day.
Thanks to the ever beautiful Kumiko Mae for the invite.
So come and join HBC make the world a more beautiful place by launching thousands of beautiful changes in every Filipina at the National Makeover Day. Say “Yes” to a beautiful change and be part of the country’s first beauty revolution through freedom and beauty transformation.

Have a great weekend and stay beautiful!


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