Enhance your Child's Potential at the Fisher-Price Play IQ Workshop

I believe one of the great things of being a mom is that you can teach your kids a lot of things in 1 million ways and they'll learn & love you back for 1 million different reasons. There's no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.

I attended an intimate luncheon with the international educator and noted parenting expert, Carrie Lupoli a.k.a  “Chief Mum”  at Mom’s and Tina’s bakery cafe in Quezon City. With more than 17 years of international experience as a special education teacher, school administrator, executive director and educational consultant, Carrie is here in Manila to facilitate the Fisher-Price Play IQ Workshop.

I've learned so much from her and I found it all to be very helpful. One thing I've learned is that "Play is a powerful tool in your child's development. Play is not trivial. When your kids play, they're doing important work"

Although it can be hard to imagine, the most effective means to encourage healthy brain development and learning is to play! Children learn best when they interact with caring adults and actively manipulate or explore toys in their environment. Playing together also enhances the relationship between the adult and child, which is pivotal in their overall development.

I'm pretty sure that the Fisher-Price Play IQ workshop will be of great help to other moms. The event is expected to gather more than 100 guests on Saturday, June 7 at the Glorietta Activity Center. It is free admission open to all moms, especially expectant moms, with exciting gifts and prizes to all participants.

The workshop will be started with a lively lecture by Carrie Lupoli on the benefits of Play IQ and the different techniques and strategies parents can use to engage with their children. Other highlights of the event are fun booth activities, games and special prizes from Play IQ workshop partners.

Fisher-Price® Play IQ workshop aims to help parents like you understand the importance of the role they play in their child’s development. Participants will be introduced to the concept of Play IQ - its theory and benefits - and learn how play-based learning is the best technique for children to reach their highest potential as well as strategy parents can use to engage meaningfully with their children while encouraging independence.

The workshop will be divided into four presentation topics:
1. Introduction and Goal of Parenting
2. Play IQ-The Theory
3. Play IQ-The Benefits and the Basics
4. Play IQ Learning Tournament

Enhance your child's potential at the Fisher-Price® Play IQ workshop. See you there!



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