Have Fun Under the Sun at Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground

The summer sun made a grand entrance as Johnson’s Baby team in the Philippines formally launched an innovative venue for active playtime with the opening of the first Shadow Playground at the Market! Market! playzone in Bonifacio Global City last Saturday.

The Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground was built by Johnson's Baby to encourage children to play outdoors and discover the world around them through the wonders of shadows.  It is unique because it makes use of the sun to cast shadow games where children can play. And as the sun moves, the games change. The playground is designed for kids 3-7 years old. It is open to the public within mall hours. It is advised that kids be under the supervision of their parents and/or guardians as they use the playground.

Johnson’s Baby found a way to integrate all of these in the building of the Shadow Playground by building on the children’s natural fascination for shadows and how this enables them to think creatively while enjoying playing under the sun.

“We are excited to officially unveil our play innovation found in the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground – a first-of-its-kind play platform that allows moms to forge a stronger play partnership with their kids,” shared Johnson’s Baby Senior Brand Manager Kris Llanes.

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What makes Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground different from other playground?  It's a 100-square meter playground where kids can enjoy under a natural phenomenon – the rays of the sun. "Children have a natural fascination for shadows. Shadows behave in a unique way, as if they have a life of their own. They could help children understand the world around them and even themselves. But because children play outdoors less these days, they sometimes miss out on exploring this phenomenon. So we designed the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground to help create these important moments of discovery," shared Cristina Tin Sanchez, Executive Creative Director of BBDO Guerrero.

The key innovation of its construction is Sun Pathing, wherein the team had to determine where the sun casts its path, then identifying how long or short the shadow is casted on the ground. At a specific path of the sun, templates for playing old and new games are cast, such as piko, maze, flamingo, froggy jump, and snakes and ladders. To encourage fun time bonding, game templates have also been designed to encourage moms and their kids to play together.

 “Studies show that mothers have the natural inclination to stop their kids from playing under the sun and discourage them from activities that leave them sweaty and smelling offensive or amoy-araw.  We know that active playtime even under the sun is good for kids so we are doing two things:  giving kids access to a novel idea in outdoor play, and introducing the new Johnson Baby’s Active Fresh line developed to allow children more fun time under the sun,” shared Llanes.  The new Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh bath and powder’s technology releases a long-lasting fragrance upon contact with sweat keeping kids smelling fresh longer.

Childhood icon  from my favorite TV show, Batibot, "Kuya Bodjie" Pascua and popular celebrity mom, Camille Prats led guests and their kids in games at the shadow playground.

“Naalala ko nung bata ako na ang hilig ko maglaro sa init ng araw. Ang saya-saya gawin nun and at the same time, ang dami ko din natutunan sa paglalaro tulad ng cooperation and teamwork. I am just happy to share this kind of joy and learning experience with my son Nathan today,” said Camille Prats.

Johnson's Baby believes that as a child grows and becomes more curious about the world, a mother's role grows too - from nurturer, she becomes an enabler as well.  Says Dr. Laura Markham, clinical psychologist and editor of parenting portal ahaparenting.com:  “Play can be the long-sought bridge back to that deep emotional bond between parent and child.  Playful parenting is a way to enter a child’s world, on the child’s terms, in order to foster closeness, confidence, and connection.  When you ‘teach’ an emotional lesson by playing, your child really gets it.  Best of all, playing helps parents and kids feel closer.”

 “As a brand, Johnson’s Baby encourages the holistic development of young children through different ways. Key to this is building an advocacy together with our partners at the Department of Education and Play Pilipinas that encourages daily active play for every child’s mental and physical development.  This year, Johnson’s Baby asks mothers to join their children during this hour of daily active play to develop play partnerships that boost the child’s emotional development.  This is why playtime between mom and child are incorporated into the Shadow Playground templates.”

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