OFF THE GRILL: Celebrating 10 Years of Great Entertainment, Good Food, Good Service

A place with great sounds, good food, good service. The place is called OFF THE GRILL!

What started out in 2003, as a sheer idea of having a homey, garden set-up where you can just serve good food, and have live bands playing in the background is now celebrating its 10th year anniversary. It is conveniently located at 69 Timog Street, Quezon City.

Boojie, Operations Manager for OFF THE GRILL, is humbled with the kind of following this resto bar has created, “Looking back, we never thought this will hit the market. We were just a group of friends who wanted to have a place where everything is cool- music, ambiance, food.  I guess it’s that kind of “experience” that has brought us to where we are now. And of which the people or the public comes back for- the OFF THE GRILL experience.”

“As you can see from our logo, the three frogs has one holding a bottle of beer; one holding a microphone and the other, holding a fried chicken. This is translated to our kind of service;  great drinks, live entertainment and good food, respectively.” When we asked why the frog icon for OFF THE GRILL? Boojie says “ well frogs, because of their unique sound, can definitely attract people. Frogs bring in good luck.”

Known for its live entertainment, great ambiance, excellent food, OFF THE GRILL had lots of changes. Changed for the better of course. They have their new menu all set and the all time favourite dishes are still consistently delicious. Special mentions are the Grilled Squid (grilled just right), Spicy Sashimi, Pork Sisig, Crispy Pata, Buffalo Wings and the Bulalo Steak that's just perfect with a bucket of Ice Cold Beer.  Prices on their menu are reasonable enough.

The events place is huge. The place has cool air even without aircon. Nights were dim as usual and jampacked with cool people. Really entertaining. Nightlife as it is!

OFF THE GRILL is also one of the pioneers in having live bands and acoustics. In fact, OFF THE GRILL is home to some of the country’s award winning musical artists.

At a “Media Launch” last night, Off The Grill gave recognition to the country's top performers who jammed with them for the past 10 years.

“We are proud to say that some of our country’s top performers in the music industry started their stints here in OFF THE GRILL,” shares Boojie, “the likes of Side A, Freestyle, Paolo Santos, UrbanNation, Richard Poon.  And they are still very much part of OFF THE GRILL.” Through the years, guest  performances from MYMP, K24-7, True Faith, Mocha Girls, South Border, Brownman Revival, Princess Velasco, First Five, Duncan, Jimmy Bondoc and Saia continues to add glitter to this one-of-a-kind OFF THE GRILL nightlife experience!

One of the highlights of the 10th anniversary celebration is giving recognition to these artists. And this is all happening on all Tuesdays of September, OFF THE GRILL’s anniversary month.

For the VIPs, have it your OFF THE GRILL way on September 3 and 24. “Supplier’s Night” is scheduled on September 17, while a reunion of sorts for all VIPs and former employees is happening on October 1.  Expect a lot of fun, entertainment, prizes and surprises on all Tuesdays of September at OFF THE GRILL, Timog, Quezon City.

Apart from their main location in Timog, Quezon City, OFF THE GRILL also has an outlet at Brick Road, Sta. Lucia,.

For its 10th anniversary celebration, a lot is in store for OFF THE GRILL.

“This year, we would like to spread some more, targeting to have 5 more branches.  South-based. So that more and more people can get to share the OFF THE GRILL experience. On the business side, which is our next big step, is opening our prospects  for franchising.”

Sharing this milestone, Boojie  is grateful to the public and their business partners, “We would like to thank the public for their continuous support to OFF THE GRILL;  our suppliers, business partners. We would not have gotten this far without them. And we look forward for more fun, exciting years ahead!”

Check out  OFF THE GRILL at 69 Timog Ave. Corner Scout Torillo, Timog Quezon City, Tel. no 4269773; or at Brick Road, Sta Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Tel. no.  5717531



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