Must Watch: Hugh Jackman Goes Mad in the movie, "The Wolverine"

On a scale of one to ten claws, how excited are you to watch the movie, The Wolverine

If you ask me, it'd be 10.5 claws to be exact!  :)

Are you excited? Throw your claws up in the air if you are! 

Have you seen the trailer of The Wolverine? Well, here it is... watch the full trailer in all its glory!

After watching the full trailer, I'm quite sure it's going to be epic and I can vouch for its awesomeness.  It just made me way too excited to watch it on the big screen.

I got a pretty good idea of the plot of the movie. So I'm expecting to see more of these:

  • A bearded, ripped Hugh Jackman goodness as the eternally badass mutant (Are you ready for this?)
  • Wolverine was summoned by a mysterious man he saved in the past, who claims that he can make him mortal. 
  •  With claws that look as dangerous as ever but  from the looks of it, it seems like Wolvie might be losing his mutant powers ... the healing factor and regenerative power (Uh-oh!) I would guess that his healing factor is weakened  but I don't think Wolverine has lost his powers entirely.
  • Oh, and there's a cameo! Looks like Famke Janssen would reprise her role as Jean Grey from the previous “X-Men” movies. Or is it just a flashback? It's hard to tell from a trailer so let's just wait and see.
  • Action-packed fight scenes in Japan and a whole lot of face-ripping ninjas and masked samurai warriors! Logan vs. Ninjas! Samurai, swords and daggers vs. adamantium claw! No, it's not Fruit Ninja! But if I had Wolverine's claws for a day, I'd surely play real life fruit ninja! #justsayin'
  • Watch out for Silver Samurai, Wolvie's fiercest enemy to date.
  • "What they did to me, what I am.. can't be undone." -Wolverine

  • It gets my curiosity piqued even more to see this movie once it opens in theaters on July 25.  I guess everyone's excited to see this movie.

    Having said that, PMCM Events Management invites you to another blocked screening of "The Wolverine" on July 25, 9 pm at Robinsons Galleria. Ticket price is PhP550 but make sure to buy tickets until June 30 to get 20% discount! Ticket comes with Popcorn and drink plus giveaways from sponsors! How cool is that?

    Simply send your name, email address and mobile number to:

          0917 2433920 / 5010029

    Reserve your tickets now and get ready to hit theater on July 25. See you there! :)



    1. this makes me want to watch it! thanks for the idea! i'm planning to watch a movie

    2. Cool movie! I wanna watch it too!

    3. Based on your words, you made me want to jump out of bed and drove the nearest mall and watch.

    4. he's my favorite X-Men character!

    5. wow! that's my idol! i like his movie Real Steel! <3


    Any comments, my dear?