Around the World Party with DJ Ravin at Buddha-Bar Manila

June 28 is going to be a huge day for Buddha-Bar Manila and they want everyone to be part of it!

They are launching Buddha-Bar XV, the 15th CD of the world-famous Buddha-Bar compilation CD, where it all began. Buddha-Bar XV, a chill wind from Russia.  After India’s heat and its vibrant colors, Buddha-Bar takes us to the wild East to discover Russia. Focused on this enchanting atmosphere, you could take a journey to these unexplored territories; walk through Russia from east to west and from North to South to the sweet sounds of Russian traditional instruments and vocals.

The first CD, acoustic and enchanting, will take you through the steppe, listening Bliss, Yasmine Hamdan, Thor. The second CD, more infused with electronic music, will immerse you in Russia’s warm nights with artists such as Dim Vach or Seanbay.

DJ RAVIN from Paris is also coming to launch Buddha-Bar XV, and will spin the night away. Ravin is always seeking new melodies, new rhythms, filled with colorful vibes, and he shares them through the Buddha-Bar Collection or his live DJ sets, in Buddha-Bar Paris and around the world.

But wait, there's more!

It will also be the grand draw of the P100,000++ French Iconic Bag all ladies will absolutely LoVe!

And to top it all off, it will also be the big reveal of one of the biggest and most fabulous giveaways ever! Read: #XtraFabulousgiveaway

Walk through a journey of musical heights and party up at Buddha-Bar Manila. See you there!



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