Sweetness Overload: Max’s Corner Bakery Unveils its Newest Sweet Treats

Aww... Far too much love online last Vday.  However, please don't forget that people matter for the other 364 days a year, folks... and everyday is happy hearts day.  I'm pretty sure by simply sending over some over-the-top, tachycardia-inducing, mouth watering type of sweet treats to your special someone, di lang ang hearts ang happy. Happy tummy too! :)

FYI:  Our hearts don't beat at the same rate everyday. So if  your heart skips a beat or races too fast, it's not always Love. It could be because of the sweetness overload, too much kilig, or it could also be Arrhythmia or Tachycardia. haha Have it checked. *wink*

Also, I find myself getting far too excited by getting my grub on at Max's Corner Bakery.  Now, my heart is pumping really fast due to sweetness overload. I just love it! Can't help but indulge with these three, new indulgent confections from Max's: rich Red Velvet Cupcake, heart-shaped Chocolate Truffle Cake, and sweet and luscious French Macaroons in a variety of colors.

 “This season, we want to create the most heartwarming memories for couples and families by introducing three mouthwatering treats from Max’s Corner Bakery. These new additions to Max’s Corner Bakery’s wide array of pastries and desserts  reinforce our commitment to come out with the freshest and most delectable treats for every special occasion,” Monette Aldos, Operations Manager of Max’s Corner Bakery.

               Max’s Corner Bakery’s newest sweet offerings are budget-friendly and perfect for the season. For only Php 50 per piece, customers may already surprise their loved ones with the delightful sweetness of the Red Velvet Cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting, or the rich decadence of the Heart Shaped Chocolate Truffle Cake for only Php 199. For bite-size goodness, diners may try 3 pieces of colorful and deliciously light French Macaroons for only Php 88! These yummy desserts will be available in all Max’s Restaurants from February 1-28.

Sweets for my sweets!
Stuffing our happy faces with a delicious slice of chocolate truffle cake! My darling girl loves it to bits!
 As a special treat, customers celebrating the season of hearts at Max’s Restaurant from  February 11- 17, and who have a minimum spend of PhP 1,500, will all receive a pack of Max’s Corner Bakery’ French Macaroons - all for free. Surely, these treats will make any meal special, and sharing the love with your special someone, family and friends on Valentine's day will be even more unforgettable. Head on now to your favorite Max’s Restaurant and get a taste of how sweeter life can be with Max’s Corner Bakery’s newest sweet treats - made with love, always.

Have a happy season of love, love, love everyone. You are all in my heart today... and everyday! Spread the love! 


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  1. wow i missed this promo! hihi sarap ng cake rolls sa max's =)


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