It's Mckenzie Hael's Cupcake Party!

As a mom, I love simple birthday party ideas. Sometimes though, we don’t always have to go crazy with party planning and decor to make a child’s day extra special.

Also, I love getting to feature a brilliantly fun birthday celebration so when I saw the photos from  Mckenzie Hael's Cupcake Party from our website at Shutter Count, I had to share and I literally clapped!

Photo Credit: Benj of Shutter Count

Isn’t this personal sized cupcake cake adorable? :) A giant cupcake cake (repeat 5x ) would be the perfect birthday cake for a cupcake-themed party.

Looking for cupcake party ideas? Well, you can make your own cupcake birthday invitations, play cupcake party games and, of course, eat a lot of cupcakes. You can also give each child a cupcake to take home and the birthday is sure to be a huge success!

Cupcakes and cake pops are great pieces to add as well as dessert for later. :)

I bet the cupcake craze will never lose steam on the lil one's birthday party. The sweets continue to be a favorite of tots and grown-ups alike.

This photo montage is a nice wall decor for a cupcake-themed party.  Take everyone for a stroll down memory lane with photos of the birthday celebrant. Include shots from birth until the 11th month.

A touch of First... Mckenzie Hael's first book, first cloth diaper, first toy, and a lot more... will surely be a nice touch in any kind of birthday party. :)

Adorable kids + loads of  laugh + lots of pink = absolute perfection

Cupcake-shaped kiddie stools for giveaways!
Face painting is always a big hit on birthday parties so don't forget to add this on your party!

Before I conclude, I have to thank the beautiful birthday family for choosing our team at Shutter Count led by Benj to cover Mckenzie Hael's party. They indulged our passion for taking photos and beautiful memories and helped us every step of the way.  Thank you!

Overall, Mckenzie Hael's cupcake party was a HUGE success! I'm pretty sure our little cupcake, Mckenzie Hael, will not remember her party, but we're so happy that we have it well documented with photos so one day she will look back and know how much her Mommy and Daddy cared to make her special day an extremely sweet and fabulous one.

Also, I highly recommend this birthday theme because it's a theme with endless bright ideas. But be forewarned... resisting yourself from eating yummy cupcakes is very difficult!

Have a sweet day, cupcakes! :)

Click this link for more pics from McKenzie Hael's party!


  1. Oh so cute! I love the fact that they used cupcake in every detail of the party. Even the celebrant was wearing a cupcake dress. Galing huh! :)

  2. what a dainty and colorful party, na-inspire naman ako to plan my daughter's 2nd birthday now na! :)

  3. Wow cupcake party, now lang ako nakakita ng ganyang theme ng Birthday hehe :) Thanks for sharing the photos

  4. Ang dami talaga magagawa pag baby girl! :)


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