Celebrating 6 Years of Happiness with Max's: Ikaw at Ako, Salo salo Kahit Malayo


I'ts officially 6 years since B came into My life. It amazes me how that same guy that I had a random conversation with... online at Yahoo Messenger (Yes, YM) ended up being my boyfriend, my husband, and the father of my daughter, Maia. I can still remember meeting him for the first time. Hmm.. that was the most awkward thing that ever happened in my life. (Will skip that!) Seriously, I never thought we'd end up together. But lo and behold, here we are! Together.

I honestly can't believe it's been 6 years, and I am absolutely certain it has been the best ( the most challenging and life-changing) six years of my life. It's nice to look back on those years and see how simple my faith was during those times. I so simply trusted. Sometimes it baffles me to see how I responded to what happened to us in the past, to see the faith God gave me to traverse what would have otherwise been trying and heart-wrenching times. Good or bad, I thank God for everything that happened in my life. I'm forever grateful.

For our 6th year anniversary, we weren't able to spend it physically together because of the demands of our work. He was only away for a few days but it was the first time we celebrated our anniversary apart from each other. I know a few days doesn't seem like a long time to some people. Well, it is for me.  He wasn't affected though. Instead, he did send something special that gave us both a deep peace that seemed to melt the miles and fold away the distance.

The video was made to remember that being together is the most valuable thing in life and that we should never forget how lucky we are being next to each other. We know that we are fighting everyday.. fighting for our relationship to last forever and be better than before. And we won't stop, because we both know what we have is worth fighting for.

Oh, and in this video, my daughter and I were both wearing the pink glasses that hubby won for us at Quantum in Shangri-la mall. The temples of the glasses are ballpens. How cool is that? :) These kikay glasses are indeed priceless and I wouldn't sell them for anything. :)

For those days, including the day of our anniversary, that he was miles away from us, we did nothing but: chat in Skype, text and call each other, eat together, watch our wedding video, and virtually sing together until we fall asleep. Normally, we sleep around 2 or 3 am and before we sleep, he plays our fave old songs from the 80's and the 90's, as we sing out loud, tell stories and reminisce the past.. And by that, I mean our high school crushes, how we first met, the good times, the bad, and a lot more.

I even cried while watching our wedding video. I realized that the last time I watched it was like years ago and there were a lot more moments that I didn't get to see. Six years and I never got to share our photos and video... until now.  Here are some of the photos:

I so love our crazy wedding dance because we had so much fun even though we only practiced it a day before our wedding. Epic. Haha Will upload the video of our wedding dance later. ;p

Uhmm... it's no Beyonce-and-Jay-z kind of dance, but it got great spirit and it never fails to me laugh. :) I mixed the music and came up with the idea a few days before our wedding. So it's obviously not perfect, but it's absolutely fun to watch. Haha I profoundly believe it takes a lot of time and practice to have a perfect wedding dance, but it takes a lot of heart and a whole lot of L-O-V-E to come up with a crazy fun wedding dance.

Our once in a lifetime wedding dance to forever.. yeah, forever.

One of the few things that I've learned during the three-hour-long Skype marathon with my husband is that love knows no distance and love always finds a way to bring two hearts no matter how many miles apart. Sounds cliche but distance doesn't matter when it comes to love. It doesn't have to change anything. Besides, you don't have to see someone everyday to be in love. ;p If you really love someone, you will find a way to let them know how much you love them no matter how far they are.

Just in case you missed it, the song in the video is our favorite Tagalog song by Johnoy Danao. Believe me, once a genuinely great love song begins, it never seems to find an end. Hence, the LSS syndrome. *wink*

This is the lyrics of the song:
Ikaw at ako, pinagtagpo
Nag-usap ang ating puso
Nagkasundong magsama habangbuhay.
Nagsumpaan sa Maykapal
Walang iwanan, tag-init o tag-ulan
Haharapin bawat unos na mag-daan.
Sana’y di magmaliw ang pagtingin
Kaydaling sabihin , kayhirap gawin
Sa mundong walang katiyakan
Sabay natin gawing kahapon ang bukas.
Ikaw at ako, pinag-isa
Tayong dalwa may kanya kanya
Sa isa’t-isa tayo ay sumasandal
Bawat hangad kayang abutin
Sa pangamba’y di paaalipin
Basta’t ikaw, ako
Tayo magpakailanman.
Kung minsan ay di ko nababanggit
Pag-ibig ko’y di masukat
Ng anumang lambing
At kung magkamali akong ika’y saktan
Puso mo ba’y handang magpatawad
Di ko alam ang gagawin kung mawala ka
Buhay ko’y may kahulugan
tuwing ako’y iyong hagkan
Umabot man sating huling hantungan
Kapit-puso kitang hahayaan
Ngayon at kailanman
Ikaw at ako.

FYI:  Our first date at Max's. Last May 11, 2007, we celebrated our monthsary as well as our birthdays together at Max's (his birthday is May 10 and mine is May 11). We ordered our favorites, mine was pansit canton and the "balat" or skin of Max's fried chicken while his favorite is Crispy Pata. I can never forget that day because "that day" was special for both us ( our first time celebrating our birthdays together.. oh, and it was an insanely hot & humid day and the AC of his car went crazy dead too, so I was sweating like a pig (but still smiling) on our way to Max's!) How can I forget that? ;p

After he watched the video I made for him, he instantly remembered our first date at Max's and ordered online. He surprised me with a delivery of my favorite Max's fried chicken plus a sweet note and a heart-shaped cake. The fact that we were on his mind and he took his time to order our favorite food online... made me the happiest girl alive. It may seem so simple but we had a memorable #salosalokahitmalayo moment. For me, it was a pleasant surprise.

Hmm.. it's just funny how life teases us with surprises after surprises. :)

This is my daughter's favorite! Believe me, this chocolate truffle cake is nothing short of amazing. :)
I'm glad how Max's has been an important part of our lives. Max's made our special days even more special. I also love how Max’s Restaurant never fails to offer its patrons convenience at their fingertips with the easiest ways to order and enjoy Max's classic, home-cooked dishes. Plus they don't have "fastfood", what they have is real food, real goodness, and real people. That is why we always recommend Max's Restaurant to our clients in Shuttercount as one of the best venues for kiddie parties and events.

For busy moms like me and for those individuals who are working on a graveyard shift, Max's delivery service is the best option to satisfy sudden cravings, and even the biggest appetites during get-togethers.

As simple as calling Max's Delivery hotline 7-9000,  you can have your favourite Max's meals delivered to your doorstep in no time. And just like what my hubby did, another convenient option is ordering online. You can simply place your order by simply logging on to www.maxschicken.com. Now, Filipinos living overseas will now be able to surprise their loved ones back home by sending them real food. Max's delectable meals that will be delivered to any location in the Philippines on their specified date.

Check out this intuitive video tutorial about Max's online delivery:

Indeed, Max's always finds a way to bring families together so that they can still share and 'take part' in important celebrations despite being far away from home. With Max's, you are home...  I believe that in the solitude of separate togetherness, love can thrive.. Max's makes life simple and definitely 'sarap-to-the-bones'!  :)

Here's a short message to my hubbykins:

"Honey, I'm so thankful to have met you.  It's been a crazy 6 years together and I'm sure it's gonna keep on getting crazier and better... We've been through almost everything together and our journey so far, has been obstacles after another. And I have no doubt, there would be more. But I'm not afraid. Because I have you and our daughter, Maia. And even though our marriage life is definitely not perfect ( I assume there's no such thing as a perfect one), I truly love how perfect my life seems right now. Being with you + a roof  over our heads + a job we both love and a sweet daughter we're so thankful for. Like I said, it's perfect. Thanks for being w/ me all these years. Can't wait for our 50th anniversary. Happy anniversary. I love you, B. Just because Max's-sarap ka mahalin. Hihi Let’s go make a new baby now, okay? ♥ "

Check out Max's fanpage: Max's Restaurant and my previous blog posts about Max's here. :) Spread the love. 



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