Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In Case You Missed It: OtterBox Unveils Exciting New Cases

Just in case you missed it, the second leg of the Otterbox Drop Test Tour happened last weekend at Trinoma. I'm so thrilled to be a part of this exciting event and yes, I was able to witness the brutal and  nerve-racking drop tests. This might be the coolest thing I've seen in awhile and I'm convinced my phone is indestructible with an OtterBox case!  Indeed, it’s not just a case, it’s an OtterBox.

Not that I'm bragging but I think I make those classic ninja moves whenever I'm about to drop my phone. So I don't always drop my phone but when I do, it's the day I don't have any kind of case on, and it's not even an OtterBox. Sheesh. On the other hand, my daughter drops my phone way too much especially my old, trusty iPhone 3gs so everytime Maia drops my iPhone 4, I have a mini heart attack & it high fives the floor with the screen. It's like my life flashes before my very eyes. I just, well, cringe and move on. :)

Smartphones like iPhone 4/4s are really smart and genius. Evil genius, but they are not strong phones. We spend all that money and they can not even last a simple fall. Tsk. So I guess when you want to be  “smarter than your smartphone”, you want the smartest protection you can find for your smartphone right? That's why I choose OtterBox. Now, it is the official protector of our iPhones and iPad.

Otterbox’s durability.barely a few months after gadget solutions innovator OtterBox arrived in town, the brand now introduces three new product lines that are set to make protection even more striking.

True to its mission of keeping its products up to date with the latest gadgets in the market, OtterBox is all geared up for the Samsung Galaxy Note with the new Commuter and Defender cases. Both lines are available for this industry-defining phone/tablet hybrid, making active users confident about keeping their new favorite device on hand anywhere.

I got the Commuter Series. This is designed for people on the go, spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individual who has broken a phone due to their active lifestyle or just plain clumsy like me. I also like the combination of light and dark teal color and  while not very bulky, it sure adds a considerable amount with its dual layer design. There’s an inner, soft silicone wrap-around layer that’s held in place by an outer polycarbonate shell. Sweet!

The case fits perfectly and it is a protection from scratches, bumps and shocks. I think it looks great. It shows the slim and sleek look of the iPhone 4.  

I like that the port at the bottom and the headphone jack is sealed by the silicone case; and the headphone and charger cover fit and stay snug until you are ready to use it. Also, it doesn't stick when you try to put it in your pocket or pull it out. Overall, I highly recommend this case.

So if you're a dropper,  I highly recommend you invest in one. You certainly will feel better next time your phone falls out of your bag or drop it, something that is bound to happen anytime. And if you're going to spend precious money to buy an expensive gadget, why scrimp on its protective casing, right? :)

Take a look at what we had going on in this video. I guess some people never had the guts to throw their Otterbox-encased iPhones around but at the OtterBox Drop Test Tour, they will really dare you to drop everything! They threw their phones high up up in the air and juggled them around. In this video, Ms. Chanty Tan and her friend were playing with a Blackberry 9900. See it to believe it! :)

Therefore, I conclude, OtterBox rocks! An OtterBox case is practically indestructible and it gives hardcore protection to your precious gadgets.

Pure genius.

I also had a short one-on-one  interview with Tenkie Box President, Jay Tengco, who personally demonstrated the durability and ruggedness of OtterBox cases. He explained the brand, as well as the different OtterBox products. He also said he is very proud working with OtterBox and it really gives hardcore protection for smartphones.

OtterBox® Defender Series® for Samsung® Galaxy Note®
The Defender series maintains its signature of superior protection as it comes in three layers to keep the thin and light body of the Galaxy Note secure in any environment. On the surface, the built-in screen protector keeps the Note safe from scratches. The outer layer, made of durable silicone, absorbs bumps and shocks, while the inner polycarbonate shell provides solid impact protection. Openings on the case include slots for the loudspeaker, the micro USB port, and easy access to the stylus. The ribbed texture along the sides for enhanced grip completes the deal for the tough Defender case.

 OtterBox® Commuter Series® for Samsung® Galaxy Note®

The Commuter remains stylish as ever for the Note, but not without compromising the protection it offers. Like the Defender series, the Commuter comes in three essential layers with a slimmer, more compact fit. Its smooth finish allows it to slide in and out of pockets, making it accessible to the urbanite on-the-go.
Meanwhile, OtterBox has made cases even more fun for Apple users with the introduction of color combinations of the Defender series for the iPad and iPad 2, as well as the Reflex Clear series for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

OtterBox® Defender Series® for Apple® iPad® Alpen Glow
The OtterBox iPad case, which provides shock and impact absorption and scratch resistance, now comes in five vivid colors for its polycarbonate and silicone combinations: the Hornet in bright yellow and black, the Deep Sea in solid blue and black, the Alpenglow in cheerful pink and black, the Crevasse in classy white and black, and the Sea Green in vibrant teal and black. With the case’s new colors, any iPad now looks as fun as its apps and functions.

OtterBox® Reflex Series® for Apple® iPhone 4/4S® Pink Translucent

iPhone users can also look forward to a more funky and clearer protection with the Reflex Clear series. Ever the versatile line, the lightweight and innovative Reflex case now comes in three translucent colors—glacier blue, pink, and clear—showing off Apple’s sleek style to shine through. Still, the Reflex offers flexible and easy protection with its shockproof single-layer case, complete with a self-adhering screen protector to guard against scratches and scuffs.

With its consistent and reliable product lines, OtterBox continues to offer solutions for the hottest gadgets on the market today. By providing long-lasting protection, units get spared from frequent repairs and replacements.

OtterBox products are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Tenkie Box, a distribution and retail company dedicated to getting the best and latest smart phone, tablet and gadget cases. Check out Tenkie Box website for more deets! 

So whether you're going out on a trip or enjoying a girl's night out, protecting your iPhone 4/4S or any other smartphones that you have is important. That being said, OtterBox case employs multi-layer technology combined with high-quality materials to create the most solid protective solution and it was designed to outperform expectations. I think it's one of the worlds best inventions. Seriously.

If you have your own OtterBox story or anecdote on how OtterBox saved your smartphones, I’d love to hear it. :)


Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Back -to-School Giveaway!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Carly Rae Jepsen's “Call Me Maybe” Climbs to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart; On Tour with Bieber

Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" is trending worldwide and it has hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart! Even Barack Obama sings her song.  Have you seen the latest lip dub?

But why? Why choose this song?  Oh well... I know she has other songs, but Carly Rae Jepsen has all the elements of a one-hit wonder in "Call Me Maybe". It's all sorts of wonderful.

And it's going viral on YouTube with the current craze or lip-syncing phenomenon! :)

Watch Justin Bieber and friends “Call Me Maybe”

Here's another CALL ME MAYBE video feat. Georgina, Belle, Solenn, Anne, Liz, Bea etc. Manny Pacquaio is in this vid too! I'm guessing Manny is now singing to his own version of Call Me Maybe: "Hey I just meet you and this is Krissy. My name is Manny,so hug me Bradley." :) I think Manny Pacquiao's entrance song on his next fight should be call me maybe, whaddya think?

But sorry Justin, Selena, Georgina, Solenn, Anne, et al. This has got to be my favorite version of "Call Me Maybe"  :)

“Call Me Maybe”, the ubiquitous debut U.S. single from Schoolboy Records/Interscope recording artist Carly Rae Jepsen, has hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The platinum-certified track, which Jepsen co-wrote, is also No. 1 on the Billboard Pop chart this week. Jepsen is the first female artist to top the chart with a debut single since Ke$ha’s "TiK ToK" in January 2010. “Call Me Maybe” has sold over 3.2 million singles and spent four consecutive weeks atop the Billboard Digital Songs chart. Certified quintuple-platinum in Jepsen’s native Canada (where it hit No. 1), the track is also an international sensation, climbing to No. 1 in the iTunes Singles charts in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Norway and more.
Hey! I just met you...and this is CRAZY, but here's my number. Call me maybe.
The irresistibly catchy song’s ascent is fueled in part by its videos. The official video has racked up more than 105 million views on VEVO, while an unofficial clip — which Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and other young stars filmed of themselves lip-synching and dancing to the song and posted on Big Time Rush actor and singer Carlos Pena’s YouTube Channel — has attracted more than 42 million views and has inspired other stars get in on the action. Katy Perry, actor James Franco, the Harvard Baseball team, SMU Women’s Rowing team and more have all posted their own versions of “Call Me Maybe.”

"Wow. I feel so blessed. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. Life keeps surprising me lately and it's a wonderful feeling" says Carly.

Music executive Scooter Braun says, “To see Carly hit #1 is an amazing achievement...but what is even better is seeing it happen to someone as kind and as warm a person as Carly Rae Jepsen. No one is more deserving and I know from hearing her music this is just the beginning for her."

Since the rise of “Call Me Maybe,” Jepsen has appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen DeGeneres Show (introduced by Bieber), Good Morning America, The View, performed the National Anthem at a sold-out Dodgers game, and drawn thousands of fans to her first U.S. show headlining the “Music Spotlight" series at 5 Towers concert venue on Universal CityWalk. Jepsen also appeared at both the Billboard Music Awards, KIIS FM’s Wango Tango concert in Los Angeles and the Capital FM Summertime Ball at London’s Wembley Stadium.

This fall, Jepsen will hit the road with Justin Bieber as a very special guest on the multi-platinum Pop/R&B sensation’s 2012 headlining tour of North America. Sure to be the hottest ticket of the fall, The "Believe" Tour, presented by AEG Live, will kick off on September 29th in Glendale, AZ, and blaze a trail through more than 45 cities before wrapping up in Miami on January 26th, 2013. For details, please visit

Jepsen may be a newcomer in the U.S., but the Mission, British Columbia, native is an established artist in Canada where she placed third on the fifth season of Canadian Idol and landed a deal with Fontana/Maple Music. She has scored two previous gold singles and received numerous awards and accolades, including 2010 Juno Award nominations for “Songwriter of the Year” and “Best New Artist” as well as a 2010 MuchMusic Video Award nomination for “UR Fave New Artist.” She has sold more than 400,000 singles in her home country and is signed to 604 Records in Canada

Watch Carly’s video for “Call Me Maybe”

For more about Carly, please visit:


Monday, June 11, 2012

Celebrities' Take on Bradley-Pacquiao Bout

In what most boxing analysts and boxing fans are calling a highly questionable, bogus and absolutely befuddling, dubious, ridiculous decision by judges in Nevada, Timothy Bradley won a split decision victory over Manny Pacquiao Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Sadly, Pacman's 15-fight winning streak came to a very controversial end.
Pacquiao Vs. Bradley
In other words, the judges of Pacquiao-Bradley bout just pronounced that boxing is dead.  I also think those judges need immediate drug testing. They have officially killed boxing.  Although dubious decisions happen all the time in boxing, I believe boxing needs changes now. I think the WWF has more sport in it than boxing, dontcha think?

What do I have to say about the Pacman-Bradley fight? One word.... Robbery! Oh, let's make it two words... flat-out robbery! I watched the fight and I know that I’m no expert on the art of boxing, but this one was too rigged… unbelievable, rigged results. As for me, Bradley "won" a title, Pacman won the fight!

Celebrities and athletes blurted out their emotions on Twitter to comment on this controversial decision, prolly the biggest upset in boxing history.

The CompuBox statistics favored Pacquiao, who landed more punches than Bradley in 10 of the 12 rounds. Pacquiao landed 253 of 751 punches (34 percent), while Bradley landed 159 of 839 (19 percent). Pacquiao also landed 82 more power shots (190-108). Judge Jerry Roth (115-113) awarded the fight to Pacquiao while CJ Ross (115-113) and Duane Ford (115-113) gave it to the American, but the crowd responded with boos after 12 rounds.

People watched in disbelief and the controversial split decision was met with a chorus of boos from the crowd.

"I accept what the result is," Pacquiao said. "I respect the judges, I cannot blame them. It is a part of the game. I give thanks to the Lord. I do my best but my best wasn't good enough."

The last part sounds like the lovesong. LOL And Bradley can sing a song for Maia to the tune of "Call Me Maybe."

"Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. My name is BRADLEY, so hug me MANNY!"

More tweets here from celebrities who aired their disgust over Manny Pacquiao's shocking and stunning loss:

Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis tweeted: "Unbelievable! #PacBradley This is another stain on boxing. Even worse than my draw with Holyfield! #Disgraceful."

@AmirKingKhan: What a joke we had manny winning by 5 rounds. Bradley how about you take the fight with me in December.

"I have the best eye doctor, if the judges go to LA, I will pay for their eye exam," Bob Arum, Top Rank's promoter said. "I've never been ashamed to be part of boxing as I am tonight."

Nelly: - Did this man just say he got to see if he won the fight????even he thought he lost!!!lol”"sheeeshh!!

Reggie Bush  - I can’t believe that decision! One of the biggest upsets in boxing history!!!!!

Shaq – I watched allota fights but that decision was some bs. I wanna see pacqiou vs mayweather I spelled PAC mans name wrong so what lol

Marlon Wayans – I’m protesting boxing Til this is fixed! Do not support this bullshit sport until this is fixed! This is a disrespect to the art.  Dear Bradley if you are half a man u’d knock on Manny Pacquiao’s dressing room and fork over them belts. This shir Bob Arum pulled made Don King say “this is unapostrophied ludicrispiness”!


Bruno Mars (@BrunoMars): "Pac man 4 life."

Jessica Sanchez (@JSanchezAI11): "Congrats to the new winner but I'm still really upset about the results :("

 Nick Carter (@nickcarter) sa pagkatalo ni Pacquiao: "I think I may never take boxing seriously after tonight. Manny pacquiao won that fight! Sad day for boxing, I think we should protest!"


 There were also tweets from local showbiz personalities. 


Sen. Kiko Pangilinan (@kikopangilinan): "Bradley got beat up good by Manny while Manny simply got roughed up a bit. So how did Bradley win?"

From TV host, Christine Babao (@ChristineBBabao): "#Pacman believes he won. He should have won."

Ely Buendia (@elybuendia9000): "I didn’t even watch the fight and I KNOW Manny won."

 Tim Yap (@officialTimYAP) "Sometimes in a "cooking” show, you don't always get what you want. Pacquiao is still our champion. Hugs to Manny&Jinkee! #PacBradley."

Pinoy Big Brother host Robi Domingo (@robertmarion): "This boxing match is absolutely nonsense. Bradley didn't throw punches, he didn't box... he wrestled Pacquiao."

Marc Nelson (@QuickOffTheMarc) "my opinion. It was a tough fight & close. I still think manny won. That being said, props to Bradley for a gr8 fight. Fault is the judges."

Ogie Alcasid (@ogiealcasid): "I am still amazed at the sight of Manny praising God in defeat. He is a man of grace.

And there are more tweets... So much rage on my timeline with everyone tweeting Pacman was robbed. Even the Kardashians are fuming. :)

Oh well, I guess the calmest person in this maelstrom was none other than Manny Pacquiao. He handled the loss with great dignity and class and I admire him for that.

What are your thoughts about this, guys? Do you think Manny Pacquiao got robbed point blank? Was that a Mafia thingy?  Is it just all about the money that they can make from a rematch? Do you think it's his own fault for slowing down, not knocking him out and letting Bradley look better? 

Hoh well...

Lemme know.